Why Helane Morrison is Turning Heads in the Financial Markets

Very few people can resist the urge to make quick money through deceitful methods. As the world economy gets worse, people who previously upheld high moral integrity are devising dubious ways to earn more money in order to make ends meet. It takes people who have attained unmatchable ethical standards to resist this kind of temptation. One of those is Helane Morrison, a woman who has remained unblemished by all the moral decay happening around her. 

Helane has diligently served in various capacities in government and the private sector. She has been a trailblazer in the fight against corruption. She does this by thwarting it and offering her legal services to those affected by the malady. In recent times, her focus has shifted to uncovering shady dealers in the stock markets. Helane has built an extraordinary standing for thirty years and she is not yet ready to hang her gloves.

The Unearthing of Prevalent Fraud

As the global financial crisis was unfolding between 2007 and 2008, many people especially those in the financial world were left reeling in shock as the institutions they had painstakingly built over the years crumbled. This was a blessing in disguise because it brought to light the prevalent corruption that had become commonplace. Almost every firm had a history of scam and deceitful dealings. Most had made false audit and tax return claims.

Helane was brought in and the state of affairs instantly changed. Her hard to bully demeanor quickly changed the way things were done. The compliance officer made shady operatives to style up and conduct their businesses by the book. Her work was widely recognized because she helped the country survive one of the worst economic meltdowns in its history.

Helane Morrison’s Inspiring Career

The New York born and raised lawyer is the Lead Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer and Managing Director of Hall Partners. She undertook her first degree from Northwestern University before the University Of California Berkeley School Of Law. During this period she was the editor of the Law Review.

As a compliance officer,  Morrison has lead and successfully executed high profile fraud cases, which have implicated corporations and business executives, previously thought of as being untouchable. She is also interested in the fortification of older members of the society against deception. To read more about her, click on thick link:

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