Who is Puerto Rico Politico Francisco Domenech?

Franciso Domenech is an American lawyer and political actor based in the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico. He is a managing partner at Politank, a government affairs lobbying firm. Mr. Domenech is a Puerto Rico native born in San Juan April 29,1978. His family later moved to Ocala, Florida for part of his childhood and high school. Mr. Domenech graduated from the University of Puerto Rico with a BA in Political Science and Juris Doctor. His political work ranged from the Puerto Rico legislature to working with the New Progressive party and Democratic Party at the national and local level. Check out on youtube for more updates.

He is known for his participation in the push for Puerto Rico State Hood via his work with key figures in the New Progressive such as Puerto Rico Resident Commissioner Jennifer Gonzalez. The party recently lead a successful referendum that despite boycotts is steadily gaining traction for statehood cause in the US Congress. Mr. Domenech also served as Director of the Office of Legislative Services of Puerto Rico. The Office provided critical legal advice to the Puerto Rican Legislature regarding the drafting and passing of new legislation.

Franscisco Domenech also has connections to mainland politics through his extensive work as a member of the Democratic Party. He was a Democratic National Committee member from 2007-2012. He served as deputy campaign manager for the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2008 helping her win in Puerto Rico during the 2008 Democratic Nomination primaries. He later served as a Democratic superdelegate during the 2016 Presidential Election. In addition, he worked with the former Democratic Governor of Puerto Rico. As a professional based in Puerto Rico, he earned the distinct honor of being named to the Caribbean Business 40 under 40 in 2016. With his current work at Politank, he helps private firms with government issues.

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