Whitney Wolfe Created the 3-Tier Social Media App that is Now Valued at a Billion Dollars

Whitney Wolfe has aligned herself to become one of the greatest app developers of her era. Is a good thing because she is getting into the world of social media that goes beyond dating apps alone. This is where she cut her teeth on social media, but she realized quickly that this would only be a small stepping stone to a much bigger arena. Whitney Wolfe knows that there are a lot of different possibilities that exist when it comes to capitalizing on a lot of different aspects of social media.

Bumble dating was the initial drawing force, but this company has become so much more. Whitney took the time to build the type of dating app that would lend itself to other aspects of social media like Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz. With these other component users can simply turn off Bumble dating and select Bumble BFF to start looking for friends in their area. If it is networking that you desire you can turn off Bumble BFF or Bumble dating and select Bumble Bizz.

The great thing about this is that you do not have to sign up for multiple accounts. Whitney Wolfe recognized that this would be something that would help her draw an audience that did not want a screen filled with apps on their phone. Bumble is the only thing that they need to do all of these different things.

The recently married Whitney Wolfe may still be very young in age, but she is thinking outside of the box. She is someone that has the type of experience that gives her the chance to reach the millennial crowd. She was known for marketing the company that she was previously a co-founder of called Tinder to a college audience.

Now she has an even greater platform where she can market this company that she owns to the next level of entrepreneurs that want to find business partners just as she markets to singles that are looking for dates.

Whitney Wolfe has even had time to do a little dating of her own before Bumble has taken off in the way that it did. She has put her mind to giving people a more ways to engage in social media. The Southern Methodist University graduate is pulling out all the stops and building the 3-tier social media app that caters to many different lifestyles for registers users.

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