Upper Valley Mountain


Squaw Valley Upper Mountain which is considered Placer County was struck with a heavy storm followed by massive amounts of rain. In Squaw Valley is a resort where an upgraded water system runs through. The water has been viewed by water experts to be contaminated with e coli and bacteria. The contamination appears to be restricted to only Squaw Valley. Outside of the region there has been no reports of water contamination. Experts have gone to Squaw Valley to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. Until then, visitors of Squaw Valley resort have full access to all facilities and bottled water is being brought in.

Gold Coast and Upper Valley resort have been staying on track to make sure their water levels are where they should be. The water levels provided to the public have remained as expected with no reports of contamination. Upper Valley Public Water Safety has been surveying the issue and have been very understanding. There have been no reports by Squaw Valley visitors to this point. It appears the issue has been dealt with quickly and professionally. Water may be surveyed throughout the whole district. Possibly, the water system may be evaluated for some time to come, to be sure that it is staying at the level it should be. Overall, Squaw Valley resorts like to take good care of their guests, appear professional and welcoming. It is the type of vacationing spot I would want to go to knowing that all my needs will be handled immediately and without hesitation or complaint. It seems to be upscale and honors its guests.

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