Thor Halvorssen Looks For Success Instead Of Following Human Rights Politics

The Human Rights Foundation founder Thor Halvorssen has recently been discussing his career as a film producer and activist with The Weekly Standard. Halvorssen is well known among members of the human rights activism community for his views on the topic, which have often seen him unfairly described as a right winger because of his criticism of socialist governments he feels are abusing the rights of their citizens. Unlike many of those who join him in the human rights activism community Thor Halvorssen has first hand experience of the problems that can be seen in socialist dominated countries.

Thor Halvorssen has seen his background questioned by many because of his ancestry that takes in political figures in both Venezuela and Norway; Halvorssen’s Grandfather played a key role in saving the Norwegian fleet during World war II. However, the Halvorssen family have played a large part in the fight against the rule of dictator Hugo Chavez and his successor in Venezuela, which included his father being imprisoned and tortured before his mother was shot during a political rally against the ruling government.

For many years Thor Halvorssen has been working in the human rights community and had risen to become the head of the Foundation For Human Rights In Education by 2004; in 2005 Halvorssen formed the Human Rights Foundation and appointed some of the best known political activists to the board of trustees of the charity. Upon developing the Human Rights Foundation, Halvorssen explained funds could be donated from any group as long as it was understood the donor had no say on the future direction of the group.

Halvorssen has also been looking to develop his career as a film producer, which has seen him find success in both fiction and non-fiction genres. The most successful productions developed by Thor Halvorssen have been based in his interests around human rights and politics; the Venezuelan born film producer is credited as working on important documentaries, including “The Sugar Babies” and “Indoctrinate U”.

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