The Unconventional Empowering Practice of Austin’s Dr. Jennifer Walden

Austin plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden has taken some bold steps in her life. Her non traditional path is a study in focused, goal-oriented, type-A success. Male surgeons outnumber female surgeons in general, but in Walden’s specialty, women make up a mere six percent of US board-certified plastic surgeons.

Although it certainly must have been challenging coming up through medical school, residency and fellowships, Dr. Walden seems to have gotten used to swimming against the tide – even putting aside cultural norms and expectations to pursue single motherhood. Upon learning, as many professional women who have delayed starting a family no doubt have, that she would have trouble conceiving, she began fertility treatments at age 38. Her twin sons, Houston and Rex, were conceived via IVF from an anonymous sperm donor. Rather than use precious fertility years searching for a partner, the doctor began fertility treatments in order to improve her chances of having a successful, healthy pregnancy. In 2011 she decided to leave her successful New York practice to build her life with her sons back home in Austin.

Her Austin-area practice, has an all female staff of 15. This environment is often beneficial. Women make up about 91% of plastic surgery patients, and Walden has heard from multiple women that it is easier to talk to female practitioners about certain types of procedures.

When meeting with patients, Dr. Walden works to manage their expectations, dispelling any illusions they may have about plastic surgery. In her words, her job is to make them look like a “refreshed, rejuvenated” version of themselves. Most patients aren’t even asking for something dramatically different. Really, they are looking for minor tweaks, like removing sagging skin leftover from weight loss, or opening up drooping eyelids.

When patients get these things done and still really look like themselves, they feel good. Walden sees this as a way to empower women.

Dr. Walden welcomes men as well, offering hair replacement, liposuction, sculpting, and other procedures that men prefer. No matter who walks in the door, her desire is for them to feel welcome, comfortable, and well-informed. By making patients part of the decision-making process, Walden ensures that they are truly empowered.

Dr. Jennifer Walden was featured as MDMonthly’s July 2017 cover story. Learn more about her at

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