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One of the fastest growing companies is a company that is known as Fabletics, a company that was created and developed only three years ago and has since then taken off to become one of the most popular brands to purchase from due to not only the reliability of the product, but also the inexpensiveness of the product. Fabletics was designed and created by Kate Hudson, a woman who understands what it is like to be a woman on the go who is in need of a reliable outfit for early mornings and for long days. Kate Hudson created Fabletics to be an affordable option that is stylish and fits any body perfectly.


Kate Hudson founded Fabletics when she took a close look at the gap within the industry of athletic gear. Though there were many high quality brands offered to customers, there were no brands that were affordable to women of many different incomes. Fabletics is an affordable option that can fit within any environment and promotes a healthy way of living. Kate Hudson wants her customers to look the best that they can look and to feel as confident as ever even during those long days with a job or with children.


The process to become a Fabletics customer is a simple process that enables women of all shapes and sizes and of all different activities to find the best fit athletic gear. For first time users, a trip to the Fabletics website is an easy experience where newcomers must take a quiz that tells the database not only their size, but also tells the database the activity that will be conducted with the outfits as well as the style preference. As an active mother who is always on the go, Kate Hudson wants to make sure that her customers feel confident and ready to continue their day in the outfits that she provides.


Kate Hudson has been able to create a gap within the industry of athletic gear where women are able to find their best suited outfits without having to break the bank in the process. Kate Hudson and her excellent website have helped women find their perfect style and has helped women who are always on the go find a reliable outfit to be worn at anytime in the day in any environment. Kate Hudson has designed an outfit for women that prefer to be outside, inside, or feel comfortable in a professional work environment.


Fabletics is a company that stands out due to the fact that it now makes browsing the internet for clothing options a positive experience. Fabletics encourages more than half of the new customers to become a member of the company because of the excellent quality services provided. For the price of one high quality brand within the athletic gear industry, individuals have been able to walk away with several outfits. Kate Hudson hopes to continue the expansion of her company and looks to make sure that the demands of her customers are met.

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