The Substantial Growth of The Brown Agency

The Brown Modeling Agency is an astonishing and constantly progressing modeling and Fashion Company that has been on the rise to iconic status while dazzling its admirers through its journey. The modeling and talent agency founded in the summer of 2015 by a “Ms. Wilhelmina Austin” has developed to become a leading business and image since its launching. The United States Texas-based company has created unforeseen and exclusive outlooks for the fashion industry that has placed the name of the company on levels higher than expected. The business has worked with worldwide, multi-dollar businesses such as the car company “Toyota”, the cosmetics business “L’oreal”, “Dell” and many more. As expected, the succeeding and expanding model and talent agency has graced the covers of other fashion magazines, and famous well-known runways and events. Events such as “Dallas Fashion Week” and “New York Fashion Week”. Check out their website



In 2010, in Dallas, Texas the fashion company has used its quite interesting strategy of using new and fresh models and talent that has thrown the company’s name high on the Austin ranks. From varieties of talents, as well as using innovative and dissimilar types of fabric that stand out, and a different outlook on presentation brought the company more fame and recognition from their runway show while adding to such a grand compilation, the company brought in some of the best designers to collaborate on the event.




To stay ahead of the game and maintain a suitable stance in the industry, the company formerly known as “Wilhemina Austin” was changed in the autumn of 2015 to “The Brown Agency”. Partnered with a company named “Heyman Talent-South” the two multi-giants were able to represent and present strength and abilities that in turn brought them more distinction. Today “The Brown Agency” is said to be the leading commercial talent and modeling agency in the south of the United States.

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