The Story of Kenneth Goodgame; a Marketing Genius

Ken Goodgame is an accomplished business leader, who has many accomplishments to his name. He has a knack for developing winning strategies that have made him quite revered. As of now, he is a senior vice president at True Value Company. The company specializes in OEM. Ken is the man in charge of coming up with a sales strategy for the company. He has been quite successful at this.

Before he joined True Value Company, he worked at Ace Hardware. During his time there, he helped the company to make record sales. In addition, he was quite innovative. He helped the company with new products, for which there was high demand in the market. Besides that, he worked hard to help the company improve on existing products. Before that, Ken worked for Rubbermaid Cleaning products. He helped the company to come up with patented products, most of which are still in use in most hospitals. He accomplished this back in 2002.

Goodgame’s core strength is in the area of brand recognition and product innovation. However, these are just his well-known traits. He is also excellent in promotional planning and sales. He has demonstrated these skills countless times in all the companies he has worked in. His leadership skills are among his key strengths. Kenneth Goodgame can take ideas and consolidate them into a focused vision. He is quite good at empowering the employees of the company. Kenneth can motivate everyone to work towards the same goal.

In all the companies he has been involved with, he has laid a solid foundation for them. As a result, they can invest in long-term visions for success. They can build upon his successes and continue to grow stronger. In retailing, Kenneth Goodgame is the man to have behind the steering wheel.

Most of the skills that Goodgame has are from the extensive experience he has in the industry. In these shaky economic times, one needs a steady hand like Goodgame leading the way. His time proven methods are unlikely to fail. True Value Company is a testament to what a great leader Mr. Goodgame is.

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