The remarkable Osi Group

The food industry has gone through a lot of changes in the last century. From fresh, to frozen meats, all sorts of poultry products to already made simple and or scrumptious meals from freezer to table in ten minutes or less, we have it all! So where does this all come from you might wonder?. Most come from food companies who create, produce manufacture and sell food in a responsible and safe environment to us, consumers.

One particularly outstanding company is the Osi Group company, American, who made it to the top 100 food companies. They made it by delivering only top quality products and understanding the needs of businesses and consumers who are always hungry for faster, better, cheaper products to put on their tables.

Started in 1909 in Aurora, Illinois, where they are still based, and founded by Otto Kolschwsky, as a family meat market in Chicago. The Osi Group company now serves the retail and food industries all over the United States who are always looking for innovations and solutions in the food industry. The Osi Group offers products not only in meats but also in snacks, breakfast items, lunch and entrees from bacon to filet mignon, to cater just about all food related industries.

And to top this ever growing list, if you wonder where the famous 100 percent beef patties from McDonalds comes from, you guessed it : Osi Group co. Not only are they one of the tops in America but they have expanded their horizon all over the world.

One great example of their ever growing business practice, they have recently doubled up their output of poultry products in Spain, ensuring economic growth in the area and a solid future for the company as well.

Next time you are having breakfast at your favorite restaurant, give a cheer to the Osi Group, they are indeed a remarkable company.

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