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Lori Senecal’s Interview with Huffington Post’s Laura Dunn

These days it can be hard to find out what you need to know about someone. However, when it comes to Lori Senecal all you have to do is search her name and you will find that she is a very talented leader in todays industry. Here is a recap of what was said in Lori’s interview with Laura Dunn.

When asked about how the experiences that she has had in life have turned her into the leader that she is now, her answer was full of many surprises. She stated that she was the youngest among her siblings, she has four who are all in close proximity of age. She says that being the youngest most certainly had its impacts on her development and helped her to become the great leader that she is right now. Lori Senecal always had to make her identity and accomplishments stand out above the rest in order to get the notice that she wanted and deserved. This all gave her the needed push to take control of her life and chase after big dreams making herself become different from all those around her.

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When she was asked about the advice that she would give to a woman who was thinking about taking a career in marketing she was very specific in her answers. She told Laura in reference to this question that there have been many successful women who have gone above and beyond stepping foot through the door of marketing in companies such as Kraft and Coca-Cola. These women have done this by using skills like respecting their clients and also having empathy when it comes to their clients. It is very important to use these skills and skills like trusting, instincts and having many ideas that can help a company grow. Women need to focus on the same skill sets that they use with helping their businesses grow and their brands with the growth of their careers.

When asked what the most important lesson that she thought she had learned over the years in her career, she had a lot to say. Lori Senecal believes that you can not wait for the leadership opportunities to come to you, but instead you should be looking into gathering or making your own. You must have a very intuitive imagination and a very strong mind when it comes to setting goals, that way you can create an opportunity if one does not seem to be presenting itself.

Lori Senecal’s Education, Background and Work History

As the current Global CEO for CP+B’s, Lori Senecal has the job of looking out for the global development and growth of the company while also managing the workflow of the firm’s 9 offices held internationally. When she was younger, she was able to attend the McGill University gathering a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom), Marketing & Finance. With all of this in mind, it is very easy to say that Lori Senecal is a very intelligent women who has gone a long way in her education, career and life.

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