The Many Business Ventures of Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna has had an astute career in the medical industry. He is licensed in both Georgia and Florida by the State Board of Medical Examiners. In his early career he worked with his father practicing medicine in New Orleans, Louisiana. During his time practicing medicine with his father, he simultaneously founded his first business, McKenna Venture Investments. The company went on to be incredibly successful in the world of real estate development. In fact, it was so successful that they were able to be very inclusive and categorized as a boutique firm that had the ability to be highly selective in its projects. He is currently licensed in both Florida and Georgia to practice medicine.

Dr. Mark McKenna recently participated in an interview where he shared a bit about his background and some advice for upcoming entrepreneurs. He shared the story of how he decided to found his latest venture, OVME. The idea came after he saw great opportunities for disruption in the medical aesthetics industry. He wanted to bring something new to the field and to merge technology with the medical practice. He found many areas that were a bit behind the times that he wanted to focus on. OVME is still a startup, but if his past projects are a prediction of success, it will become one of the major companies in medical aesthetics within the next several years. He is highly recognized as a philanthropist and businessman. His work spans over multiple industries including medicine and real estate.

In addition to being a leader in business, Dr. Mark McKenna is known for his work within his community. He is a native of New Orleans and his practice was greatly affected during Hurricane Katrina. Instead of focusing on rebuilding his practice, Dr. Mark McKenna dropped everything to rebuild the community. He spent most of his time focusing on rebuilding housing developments that typically housed low-income families. He also donated to the cleanup and rallied others to volunteer as well.

Dr. McKenna currently lives in Atlanta, where he moved.

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