The Manse On Marsh Takes Care Of Their Residents

People that are looking towards retirement rarely think of an assisted living or nursing facility to retire in. Most people think about retiring where they can watch the ocean and smell the salt air. Some people dream of living in the mountains with snow covered hills and babbling brooks. The idea of retirement would be to travel all over the United States in an RV. Visit as many places as you can and do as much as you can before you have to go into a facility.

When the person reaches closer to retirement age they begin to wonder if they will be able to enjoy the good life traveling or will they be weak enough that they need to have help. This is where a place like the Manse on Marsh comes in handy. The Manse is a facility that houses individuals that need a small amount of help without total care being the requirement. The Manse offers the individuals a lot of freedom and independence. Each individual has the opportunity to enjoy their life with someone being around for the just in case time.


The Beautiful city of San Luis Obispo is located in California. It is close to the Ocean and offers the community a place for mom or dad. The place for dad or mom would be in the middle of the city. It is named the Manse. It houses many different cultures. The facility is beautiful with the one bedroom flats and rooms that are set up for studios.

The dining area is fully set up to resemble one of the nice restaurants that people make reservations to go eat at. The restaurant style decorations are set with China and matching Tea services. Each person is welcomed as they enter the dining hall. Each person has the opportunity to make changes to their meal as they desire.


The Manse On Marsh offers each individual the opportunity to join in on group activities and travel. The facility provides the residents with all of the items that they need. They do a great job at taking care of their residents.  But do your research, which means looking into this facility, reading testimonials, checking out trusted sources like to see what they have to see.  All of this is extremely important.

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