The Expanding Talent of Paul Wesley

Never content to rest upon his past successes, actor Paul Wesley, most known for his role as Stefan Salvatore in the CW series the Vampire Diaries, has been steadily broadening his entertainment experience through his production and directorial projects strengthening and expanding his talent as an actor.

A New Jersey native, Paul Wesley began his professional career in 1999, first appearing in day time television dramas and television movies and then growing into larger roles in film and well known dramatic television. He has steadily gained a wide variety experience by appearing in popular programs like Law and Order, Fallen and 24 before securing his role as Stefan Salvatore in the Vampire Diaries in 2009 and becoming one of the favorite vampires of the decade. Taking advantage of a stable shooting schedule, Paul Wesley began branching out and gaining his experience as a producer and director.

In addition to meeting the production schedules of a television series, Paul Wesley first challenged himself by directing and producing several episodes of the Vampire Diaries and then joined his friend and colleague Shawn Christensen as actor and producer of the film Before I Go. Paul Wesley’s experiences directing and producing has given him greater depth as an actor, forcing him to consider how things are moving within the set and how his interactions with other actors look from different perspectives, allowing him to create fuller characters. He finds he enjoys the mixing the roles of director, producer and actor, as it prevents the monotony and grind of a nine to five job.

Paul Wesley’s increased acting depth is apparent in William Francis Hoffman play Cal in Camo, his first time on the New York stage. His success in that role is a source of pride, as he believes that the theater is truly an actor’s medium, although he did mentioning wanting a little more stage experience prior to directing a stage production.

With the wrapping up of the Vampire Diaries, Paul Wesley has already jumped into several other projects, including Isabel, a short film he wrote, directed and produced. Passionate about the industry and a consistently hard working actor, the future of his projects is promising.

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