The Continued and Amazing Success of Geoffrey Coney

International tax law is something that is seen many times in exotic Hollywood movies. Offshore bank accounts of evil geniuses is a perfect set up for a high action spy movie. However, in the world of international business, tax law is something that is much more real and less glamorous. There are real cases of international tax law that are handled by high-end government officials and attorneys. International tax law is something that is very important for any international business man or organization. Failing to adhere to these international tax laws can be devastating to an organization or individual.

One of the greatest misconceptions about New Zealand in the international business world is that it is an exotic tax haven for high-powered businessmen. This is not the case. New Zealand is a model of tax transparency for leaders all over the world to look to. Tax havens have laws that keep foreign governments from getting the information that they need. However, New Zealand does not have any laws that inhibit foreign governments from getting any information about tax accounts. New Zealand also does not have a banking industry that withholds any vital information.

Geoffrey Cone is a leading example of the strong tax professionals at work in New Zealand. With a post-graduate degree in tax and trust law, Cone began to practice in 1980. His firm, Cone Marshall Limited, is the only firm in New Zealand that focuses only on international tax and trust law. He has been hailed internationally as one of the very best professionals in the industry of international tax law. His experience has helped individuals to find ethical and transparent strategies for their taxes that will help them in the long run.

The future looks very bright for Cone as he continues to solidify his name in the field of international tax law. Cone has also made a name for himself in New Zealand and international culture. His choice of architecture has been featured in magazines around the world. The vacation home of Cone and his wife is a beautiful modern design that anyone would love to vacation to.

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