The Chain Smokers Are Live and Loving 2018

The Chainsmokers started with their underground work that continue to rock the local crowds. They both seem to feel that their skills introduced them to a lifestyle of fun. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart teamed up to be the duo that fans were asking for.

Now, they are considered professional and are included with all the award shows and musical interviews. The remarkable group have worked hard to continue to put out the music that makes them unique. The astonishing sounds they create on turn tables introduce them to a style that places them on the Top 40 Billboards.

They are now mainstream and are scheduled for tour dates to perform their smashing new single, “Sick Boy” that is available on iTunes for purchase. They are constantly promoting and thinking about what they will need for their next song or project. The group has more to say and a lot of art to express. With their sensational strategies, they will be a group that could be the modern day Run DMC or Beastie Boys.

They love to keep the interest of their fans and wait for feedback before making their next move or music. With their opinions in mind, the two feel that the interpretation that the crowd receives is the painting of their own lives. They become their own canvas owner. You can say that The Chainsmokers makes the songs and their own art work, the fans will choose what invisible color spectrum the words and instrumentation led them to create a canvas of their own. They can choose to become well-known or stay local and make their art work apart of their family wall art.

The Chainsmokers have been able to share their art in the world by being chosen to work with more artist that are mainstream. Their projects afforded them to be in the studios with such artists as Beyoncé, Future, August Alsina, Pharrell, and Rihanna. Now, in 2018, their are more chances for the group to open for more professional acts and tour with those who have a long history in the music industry.

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