The Branding of Equities First Holdings

One of the leading financial and advisory firms in the world, Equities First Holdings, was created in 2012 and is now headquartered in London, United Kingdom. Since its inception in 2012, Equities First Holdings has been helping a myriad of clients, ranging from small upstart companies to global banking powerhouses, to make sound investment decisions that would help in the growth of the company overall. Today, Equities First Holdings’ portfolio speaks for itself. This company was originally known as Meridian Equity Partners Limited, and with the help of a team of industry leaders, was able to acquire the original company, creating the global powerhouse that we see today. Mr. Joel Leonoff, of Paysafe Group PLC, was a central figure in bringing the deal together as he allowed a number of his shares to be used as collateral in creating the merger. As of May 2, 2017, the initial shares provided by Mr. Leonoff have been returned, along with nearly ten million additional shares. The repatriation of shares to Mr. Leonoff of Paysafe Group PLC is only the second time this has occurred within the company, and since 2013, when the London office of Equities First Holdings was established, they have given many investors shareholder loans and learn more about Equities First Holdings.

Equities First Holdings has been in operation for over fifteen years, building a team of specialized leaders in their field. They specialize in creating lending solutions for a myriad of businesses, as well as investors with high net worths and more information click here.

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