Success Academy Scholars Reach Pivotal Moment for Next Level after Graduation

There’s an easy way to determine if the students at Success Academy are getting a fulfilling learning experience; it’s by seeing their faces. The faces were beaming with pride and boastful, yet modest, attitudes after 1,700 students graduated from Success Academy this year.


Students from kindergarten to middle school are now beaming with accomplished self-importance after attending the graduation ceremony in June 2017. After a year of dedicated efforts, the students are now prepared to move onto their next level of education.


Success Academy operates a charter school system that includes 14,000 students each year. Students learn from a curriculum that assures they receive the amount of individual learning from their teacher. Success Academy has designed a productive and rewarding curriculum that not only supports the methods of traditional learning, but also raises the level of attentiveness towards learning.


The charter program has chosen to invest more within each student’s learning ability that fits with their level of potential, which has proved receptive to students with more engagement. Upon standardized 80 minute instructional-teaching, each student is afforded the opportunity to learn on a platform that was intended to allow students to feel more empowered towards their learning.


Success Academy is subject to review by the New York Charter Institute every five years. Since the charter program was founded, its own standard to enrich a student’s education and far exceed the average, has increased with each year. Success Academy has provided a great structure for education within the schools.


Students within Success Academy have consistently out-performed their peer groups within surrounding districts in New York public schools. The students have reached an impressive top one percent in math, top two percent in English and top five percent in science among all schools within the state of New York.


Those results are a great reason for students at Success Academy to be seen gleaming with pride while walking across the graduation stage. While the students have every reason to be very proud of their accomplishments, they were equally as proud to have the support of their parents, teachers and administrators with them through their education journey.

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