Stream Energy Starts to Help Victims of Catastrophes in Houston

According to an article posted on, Stream Energy partnered with Hope Supply C to establish Stream Cares Foundation, a charity that will help destitute people residing in Houston.

Stream Energy took this step after floods swept away the people’s homes and valuables leaving them homeless and economically paralyzed.

Steam Energy will use part of the proceeds generated from its energy sales to fund the recovery process. Into the bargain, its donations would be used to restore the financial health of people who lost their valuables and businesses.

Speaking after the announcement, Stream Energy’s management alleged that they established the charity to formalize their corporate social responsibility. The administration added that their direct marketing company has been helping the under-served community for several decades.

Stream became the first corporation to offer humanitarian aid to people who had been struck by Hurricane Harvey. The kind act positioned the direct selling company as one of the corporations that cared about the people it serves.

Critics contend that it earned more respect and loyalty from the public.

Other Charities Supported by Stream Direct Marketing Company

Besides managing its foundation, reports that Stream supports multiple not for profit organizations operating in the United States.

It funds Habitat for Humanity, an international charity that cooperates with other not for profit organizations to help the less fortunate. Habitat for Humanity works to provide safe and affordable housing in under-served communities.

Apart from Habitat for Humanity, Stream supports the International Committee of the Red Cross. Red Cross offers humanitarian aid to people affected by natural disasters and human conflicts.

Moreover, charity fights sexual violence, promotes economic development, advocates for good healthcare services, and it supports people living with disabilities. Red Cross serves the global audience of underprivileged people.

An Overview of Stream Energy

Stream is a US-based direct selling company that focuses on wireless and energy home appliances. It sells digital voice services, mobile services, deregulated electricity, and Virtual MD. The company serves its customers in Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Georgia, Dallas, and other parts of the United States. It was founded in 2005.

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