Skout Officials Reveal Friendliest College Towns

As summer starts, busy parents everywhere start to think about their child’s upcoming college. Many parents have multiple goals for their children. One of the most important is making sure that their child has the social skills to do well in the world today and make friends. This is particularly true even as kids get older and go off to college. Kids in college today need to be able to make friends and connections that will help them confront the challenges of college life and be happy in their new learning environment. It is with that goal in mind that Skout, one of the nation’s foremost communications companies, provides parents with an aid they can use.

Tapping Into Data Networks

Officials at Skout had a long look at the data they have collected. They specifically focused on the needs of those who are eighteen to twenty-four. This age is typically when people attend college. It can also be an age when people are more prone to engage in actions that may cause problems such as drinking to excess. Studies show that one of the best ways to help people in this age group avoid such problems is by making sure they have a group of friends they can count on to help them feel connected to other people. Officials here carefully combed through an entire year’s worth of data to help compile of list of towns where the people in this age group were most likely to reach out to others via their social network. This allows them to present a list of towns where parents can be assured that an older child will feel able to be part of a firm community.

The Many Varied Places Listed

After carefully looking through the available existing data, Skout representatives have declared ten tows in particular to be especially friendly for college kids. The list is a mix of smaller places such as Madison, Wisconsin and much larger cities such as New York. It is evident that is easy for a motivated college kid to find connections nearly anywhere they look. This news will be heartening for parents who are worried their college aged kid may otherwise feel lonely and isolated. Many connections can be found nearly anywhere a person chooses to look. Those parents who prefer to send their kids off the places that are relatively smaller such as Boulder can be happy knowing that they still find people who share their personal interests. Parents may take delight also in knowing that they are doing the right thing for their kid and doing their best to prepare a child for the rigors of life that await them once they attend college.

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