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PR Newswire Press Release About Skout

PR Newswire is a well known site that is a UBM plc company. They published an interesting article about Skout on March 11, 2016 out of San Fransisco. The article will be summarized in this post in order to help others understand what Skout is about and how they are working with their community to give back to others. Skout is a large start up company that came from San Fransisco. The company specializes in creating an application and online network for people to log onto for the purpose of meeting and mingling with other individuals with similar interests. There are a plethora of other uses for Skout which will be discussed in the next section of this post.

In the article from PR Newswire, information is released indicating that Skout has worked closely with one of the major food banks in their area. The food bank that Skout worked closely with is called the San Fransisco Marin Food Bank. It serves both San Fransisco and Marin county residents. Skout worked with this food bank in order to help hungry people find refuge, and it helps not only their county but the Marin County as well. Skout is from San Fransisco, and the employees enjoy giving back to their home town.

Information About Skout

Skout makes it easy to meet new and interesting people in your area. Plus, you can easily use Skout to meet people in other countries by using their new travel feature. The feature called Passport allows users to chat and mingle with people from any of the 180 countries that their network services. Skout is also available in 16 languages. They are constantly improving their network and capabilities in order to bring more of the world into their community.

The main reason that people use Skout to meet new people is because, unlike other social media networks, Skout is an open way to meet people for any kind of relationship desires. People use Skout for many different reasons. They use the application to find online friends. Some people use it to find real life friends. Other people even use Skout to find real or online romantic relationships.

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