Savvy Investor Helping Everyday Americans To Invest, Paul Mampilly

In 2009 the Templeton Foundation put on a major investment competition and it was won by Paul Mampilly. As a former hedge fund manager, Mampilly is very savvy in the ways and means of successful operation within today’s finance and investment sectors of business. For this contest Paul turned a $50 million dollar investment into an $88 million dollar return, a whopping 76% gain on the initial investment value.

Signing onto Banyan Hill Publishing, Mampilly has big plans to use his publication Profits Unlimited as a means to help educate and guide Americans into lucrative investment opportunities. Each month a newsletter goes out in which Paul Mampilly uses his business expertise to recommend a new stock to invest in as well as updating clients every week to the one or two stocks in the model portfolio. Rather than manage the money for his clients, instead they take their money and invest it themselves within their own brokerage accounts, which offers a new and innovative way to lead investors to the money.

Paul Mampilly received his MBA in 1996 from the Fordham University and is deeply affiliated with Kinetics and all of its subsidiary companies. He is currently the Senior Editor of Profits Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes at Banyan Hill Publishing. He currently has more than 40,000 subscribers to his publications and offers his Wall Street experience and expertise every day to help average, hard working Americans wisely invest their hard earned money into funds and companies that will yield them adequate returns.

Paul has worked throughout his career managing billions of dollars in funds for mega corporations such as Kinetics Asset Management, Royal Bank of Scotland, Bankers Trust, Sears, as well as ING. His career is a lustrous and experience filled one which he lends to his clients on a daily basis.

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