Sahm Adrangi is also an activist

Since the time Kerrisdale Capital Management was started, in Sahm Adrangi has been associated with it in all types of aspects. Adrangi invested $1 million in the company when it was beginning, and the moment, the company is worth $150 million under him as the Chief executive Officer and found.

Under the help of Mr. Adrangi, Kerrisdale has gone far in providing best services regarding research. Through it, the confusing stock market terms like overhyped shorts and under-followed longs are now well understood by investors. If you need to understand say goodbye to any possible misconceptions, you will get all the business prospects just at one place. Most information which comes out of the company’s research is posted on the company’s website and shared with Twitter readers and other third-party organizations. For more info about us: click here.

Like any other person in the industry was involved in showing the public the fraudulent activities that were going on in some Chinese companies. His v exposing of China-Biotics, Lihue International and shorting of China Marine Food Group earned him some reputation which helped him in getting other target groups like China Education Alliance thus making it the focus of Securities and Exchange Commission together with China Cast Education Corp.

In the current research that was conducted Kerrisdale with the help of Mr. Adrangi, much was achieved. His effort has been seen in making the company one of the expert companies in the sector. The sector which Mr. Adrangi’s Company is focusing on is biotechnology. In this section, many articles on business development stages were published.

Also, question the mining prospects has been addressed by Kerrisdale under the help of Adrangi. Changes and fluctuation of prices of the Majestic Silver, other resources, and Dynasty Minerals are some of the issues that are addressed by this company. Many reports have been published by this organization about telecommunication. He exposed some of the significant shortcomings associated with live presentation and webcast of big businesses like Terrestrial Low Power Service. The publishing work has given Mr. Adrangi much fame. That is why he acts as an activist who has been associated with many prominent organizations.

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