Roberto Santiago Contributes to the Healthy Economy of Brazil

While multiple global retail industries struggle to maintain their yearly revenue, Brazilian retail malls are, on the other hand, still mushrooming into arguably great mediums of international investments coupled with impressive portfolios. The Manaira shopping mall is a company that holds about twenty business units in Brazil’s largest conglomerate of malls. Until now, many clients have attested to the excellent service delivery provided in this mall. Even so, it is critical to understand its genesis and the idea behind its foundation. As illustrated by Roberto Santiago, Manaira was a vision that vastly transformed into reality.


Early Life


Roberto Santiago grew up Brazil. He pursued a course in business from the prestigious Pio X-Marist College. Later on, he advanced his education by joining the University Center of Joao Pessoa where he majored in business administration. Having garnered vast managerial skills from the two institutions, he was now able to utilize his skills in the employment industry. Therefore, was employed at Café Rosa. While there, Santiago built his people skills to an excellent level that earned him a promotion as a team leader. He later quit establishing a sole proprietorship; the cartonnage company supplied cartons manufactured from cardboard to construction companies.


Growing in Business


Santiago was visionary; therefore, he did not stop at the cartonnage company. He pursued multiple challenges that would later expose him to the real estate industry after spending his savings on 75,000 meters piece of land. For two years, Santiago wondered how to utilize that land. After conducting extensive research, he established a viable business idea; constructing a mall. It took him additional two years to design, build and launch Manaira Shopping Mall. Launched in 1989, this mall consists of about 280 stores inclusive of financial institutions, a gaming area, multiple shopping stores within, an education center, a food court, a restaurant, a medical center and a theatre among others.


What is Special about Manaira Shopping Mall?


The Manaira Shopping Mall has been serving the people of Brazil adequately. With the features in it, most families can conveniently shop under one roof since;

It has a modern entertainment room- the rooms are equipped with state of the art equipment like video games and modern televisions.

The mall has a Domus Hall, located at the rooftop. This hall boasts of having sufficient space to host various events including weddings, concerts, graduation ceremonies, meetings, and conferences. Over the years, this hall has experienced tremendous upgrades alongside the installation of air conditioners, high-tech music as well as soundproofed walls.


The Outline of Roberto’s Contribution


Without a doubt, Santiago is a scion of success in many ways; he used his talent to accomplish a dream that has now set an impeccable trend in Brazil’s retail industry.


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