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The Mississippi architect community commended one of their own for receive an outstanding and lifetime award for his continue innovation and worked in the industry. Robert Ivy-FAIA has decades of experience in architect world, and he is The Americans Institutes of Architects Vice President and Chief Executive Office. The Mississippi Institutes of the Arts and Letters that is a non-profit institute has a mandate of giving the award to exceptional entrepreneurs in different fields.

Robert Ivy received the outstanding Noel Polks Lifetimes Achievements Award due to bring close advice and architectural design to people of Mississippi, and it’s the first time an architect has received such honor. The award is given to artists who show extraordinary creativity that leads to supporting and also performing of artwork in their body of work.

CEO Robert Ivy joined the group of other distinguished Mississippians from different industries, and they include Shelby Foote who was a writer and received the award in 2004. Actor Morgan Freeman represented the entertainment industry, and he was awarded POLK in 2007 while in art industry the late artist Walter Anderson was honored with POLK in 1989. Singer Leontyne Price, a legendary in the entertainment industry, got the award in 2000.

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The MIAL President Nancy LaForge he praised Robert for his dedication and being the greatest ambassador for the architect industry and opening to the public a direct way of knowing more about architecture. Ivy is famous for his role as an author and commentator who writes on different matters about architecture both nationally and globally. He is a Mississippi native who has received numerous awards for his outstanding services with latest being the professional achievement award.

Robert Ivy was the Chief Editor of McGraw Hills Records until 2011, and during his tenor, he moved the Architectural Record to heights of success.

He enabled the Architectural Record to become globally disseminated making it a prestigious and outstanding architectural journal. The company received awards for its excellence output to the society at large winning the National Magazine Awards. Robert was behind the McGraw Hills large expansion plan having designed the stunning company building in the Middle East and China. He led to the expansion of the Mandarin Version of Architectural Records.

Robert Ivy Fay Jones is his authoritative biography that started in 2001 and has over three editions in the market. The book aims at showcasing of different architectural works of Frank Wright a well known American architect devotee.

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