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Richard Mishaan is one of the best interior designers of our time. His designs are a pure case of a touch of class. He is the founder of Richard Mishaan Design Company based in New York. His company is the number one company to go to for people who want superior architectural works. His sense of design is impeccable. He combines some of the very best lavish interiors with vintage pieces to produce unique work that has not been seen before. Richard prowess is recognized worldwide and has been featured in various major design magazines in the world. He is the number choice of designers who can transform any house into a beautiful spectacle. Some of the magazines which have featured him are Elle Décor, Architectural Digest Interior Design Magazines and more information click here.


With over 25 years of experience, he has acquired huge experience that make him automatically the best in the interior design sector. Richard Mishaan Company is a reliable company for people interested in sophisticated and elegant designs for homes and hotels. Some of the best interior designs in the United States today have been the work of his hands. He is the one who designed Trump Towers and the Shelburne Hotel and resume their.


Richard Mishaan was born in Colombia. He was partly raised in Italy. He relates his prowess in making unique designs to his upbringing. The colorful cities of Colombia had a great impact in making him visualize and come up with unique, beautiful designs that blend colors so seamlessly. Richard Mishaan moved to the United States in 19788. He went to the University of New York where he graduated with a degree in arts. He then joined the University of Colombia where he studied architecture. With his educational background coupled with his upbringing, he has managed to be the best. He is among the best interior designers in the world today and what Richard Mishaan Designs knows.

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