Ricardo Tosto’s good work as a lawyer

Law in Brazil is an adored course by many young people. Those who are coming from the high school level associate it with brilliance. People who pursue a degree in law are the best performers in schools, and as a result, it has attracted a huge number of people. It is a fact that this is a course for the brilliant. It needs astute readers to finish a course in law and then proceed to a law school. Law schools are the last step that one needs to take to be qualified as a lawyer. Those who are working in this industry need to realize the good name that the profession has and look forward to maintaining it.

Brazil has excelled in this profession. It has the highest number of law schools worldwide on top of ranking number two among the nations with the highest number of lawyers. In Brazil alone, there are 1240 law schools compared to 1100 in other parts of the world. However, the high number of lawyers in the country does not translate to those approved by the regulatory body in the country to practice law. This is a profession that needs all the activities to be monitored to prevent rogue elements from invading the profession.

The Brazilian Bar Association is a body that makes sure that only those that have been approved to practice law does it. They have put conditions which must be met before anyone is allowed to set foot near a courtroom.

Ricardo Tosto

One great lawyer who the country is proud of is Ricardo Tosto. Ricardo Tosto is a leading lawyer who specializes in commercial law. The top organizations in the country normally hire him because of his expertise. He knows how to present his case before a bench and always makes sure that he articulates his points simply and understandably.

Ricardo Tosto studied at Mackenzie University for his law degree. He then studied some courses in business administration to assist him to handle business cases with better expertise. Ricardo has won the hearts of many people in the country through his dedication to the legal work.

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