Reputation Management Takes Center Stage on ABC’s Shark Tank

BrandYourself,is a revolutionary new new company committed to rebuilding a person’s online reputation. The company was founded by three friends, Pete Kistler, Evan Watson and Patrick Ambron. Pete Kistler’s name was was identical with many convicted felons and was an impediment to him finding employment and even a date! So he teamed up with his friends to change his search results online and BrandYourself was born.

Using highly effective and innovative search engine optimization (much better than ReputationDefender according to this review) and new content creation, BrandYourself can move positive content to the top of search results and bury bad content away for good. BrandYourself only uses white hat SEO tactics which are approved by search engines such as Google. The company does not use Black Hat tactics which can end up hurting your reputation in the long term and ban you from editing search engine results in the future. The firm is also highly transparent and has affordable pricing that is within the reach of common people and not just the wealthy or large corporations.

BrandYourself was featured on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank. The presentation was led by chief executive officer Patrick Ambron and it caught the attention of one shark. Cyber security expert and venture capitalist Robert Herjevac made an offer of $2 million dollars in exchange for a 25% stake in the company. CEO Patrick Ambron declined the offer because previous rounds of funding put the company valuation at a much higher value. No deal was reached with the sharks, as the company felt that they were being undervalued by the sharks.

Despite not being able to reach a deal with any shark, BrandYourself has done extremely well after their Shark Tank appearance. In fact since being shown on ABC’s Shark Tank business has almost tripled for the company. BrandYourself has expanded and added many more employees to the firm to deal with the surge in business after the unsuccessful Shark Tank deal.

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