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About Fortress Investment Group LLC.

Wesley R. Edens. Randal Nardone and Robert Kauffman came together in 1998 to form a company known as Fortress Investment Group LLC. The company has its headquarters in New York City. It has also expanded its operations to Great Lakes.Fortress Investment LLC is a pure private equity firm. It deals with various investment management around the globe. These investment plans involve areas such as liquid markets, credit, private equity and the like. The company has high experience in its work which has enabled to have $43.6 billion worth of property in its management.Why Fortress Investment Group is efficient in its work.The experience that Fortress Group Investment has acquired over the years in the management of asset-based investments is vast.

The experience has helped the company to involve itself in extensive investment over a broad variety of assets which result in high profits.The excellent organization of the company’s workers organized where each specifies in the areas allocated. It helps them to put all their effort and be productive in their areas of specialization. Functional relationships between Fortress and other leading organizations allows the company to grow in its skills and knowledge which makes its investment activities easy.Complex investments have many challenges that arise from different areas. Therefore, Fortress has come up with ways that are effective in dealing with these challenges. As a result, the company gets the best returns from its investments.Fortress deals with mergers and acquisition, an area where it is highly competent. It helps the company to relate to company boards or other individuals. As a result, a good investment plan is realized. Its experience in this area also eases up the carrying out of the plan.

SoftBank Group acquires Fortress Investment Group.A $3.3 billion worth of money was recently given by the SoftBank Group (SBG) to Fortress management. The closure of the transaction happened on July 12, 2017. SoftBank Group acquired Fortress as its owner on December 27, 2017. Fortress’ financial outcomes will now appear on the SBG’s financial reports since the consolidation process has already taken place.Fortress has been removed by the New York Stock Exchange from the common stock trade list. It was after Fortress ceased to trade. Fortress Investment Group had outstanding shares which are now owned by the SBG after the acquisition. The class A shares have to be paid for at the price of $8.08 for each share.SoftBank Group has Masayoshi Son, a visionary leader, as its founder. The company is dealing with a wide range of operations. It has its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. Therefore, SBG is highly advantaged in its acquisition of Fortress seeing that plans are already underway for the expansion of its activities into the United States. The plans include the SoftBank Vision Fund worth $100 billion. SoftBank Vision Fund is a technology fund that has been established by SBG in partnership with Saudi Arabia. It is intended that half of the fund will be used for investments in the U.S.A.

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While multiple global retail industries struggle to maintain their yearly revenue, Brazilian retail malls are, on the other hand, still mushrooming into arguably great mediums of international investments coupled with impressive portfolios. The Manaira shopping mall is a company that holds about twenty business units in Brazil’s largest conglomerate of malls. Until now, many clients have attested to the excellent service delivery provided in this mall. Even so, it is critical to understand its genesis and the idea behind its foundation. As illustrated by Roberto Santiago, Manaira was a vision that vastly transformed into reality.


Early Life


Roberto Santiago grew up Brazil. He pursued a course in business from the prestigious Pio X-Marist College. Later on, he advanced his education by joining the University Center of Joao Pessoa where he majored in business administration. Having garnered vast managerial skills from the two institutions, he was now able to utilize his skills in the employment industry. Therefore, was employed at Café Rosa. While there, Santiago built his people skills to an excellent level that earned him a promotion as a team leader. He later quit establishing a sole proprietorship; the cartonnage company supplied cartons manufactured from cardboard to construction companies.


Growing in Business


Santiago was visionary; therefore, he did not stop at the cartonnage company. He pursued multiple challenges that would later expose him to the real estate industry after spending his savings on 75,000 meters piece of land. For two years, Santiago wondered how to utilize that land. After conducting extensive research, he established a viable business idea; constructing a mall. It took him additional two years to design, build and launch Manaira Shopping Mall. Launched in 1989, this mall consists of about 280 stores inclusive of financial institutions, a gaming area, multiple shopping stores within, an education center, a food court, a restaurant, a medical center and a theatre among others.


What is Special about Manaira Shopping Mall?


The Manaira Shopping Mall has been serving the people of Brazil adequately. With the features in it, most families can conveniently shop under one roof since;

It has a modern entertainment room- the rooms are equipped with state of the art equipment like video games and modern televisions.

The mall has a Domus Hall, located at the rooftop. This hall boasts of having sufficient space to host various events including weddings, concerts, graduation ceremonies, meetings, and conferences. Over the years, this hall has experienced tremendous upgrades alongside the installation of air conditioners, high-tech music as well as soundproofed walls.


The Outline of Roberto’s Contribution


Without a doubt, Santiago is a scion of success in many ways; he used his talent to accomplish a dream that has now set an impeccable trend in Brazil’s retail industry.


Fortress Investment Group is one of the leading global investment managers in the world, with the only private equity firm to be publicly traded in 2007. The company has more than $70 billion in assets under management and has over 1,800 clients as of now, a count that continues to increase with time. Fortress Investment Group has helped many clients reach their financial goals. It is not easy for the companies and large-scale organizations, medium to large sized, to manage their finances and find new investment options they can rely on to shield from the volatility of the financial markets. However, the investment managers like Fortress Investment Group has a dedicated finance research team that ensures that the clients ‘ business objectives are met.

Fortress Investment Group only provided equity-based services in the beginning, but later moved on to offer other services, including real estate associated investments, credit funds, hedge funds, and much more. Softbank Group Corp recently acquired the company for $3.3 Billion, which is going to expand the outreach of the Fortress Investment Group. The leadership of the company has ensured that it continues to grow consistently and provide its clients with the services and results they expect. Fortress Investment Group was set up by five founders, and one of them is Randal Nardone. He is currently the CEO of the company, a position he was promoted to in 2013. Before creating Fortress Investment Group, he was the director of UBS. Even though he had an inclination towards finance, he did not always want to enter the industry.

After completing his college from the University of Connecticut, he has a law degree from the Boston University School of Law. He also served as a lawyer for Thacher Proffitt & Wood for a few years before he shifted to Fortress Investment Group where he was responsible for the finance and the legal department of the company. He currently holds about 53 million shares of the company. Under the management of Randal Nardone, Fortress Investment Group continues to flourish. He ensures that any technological upgrades are done promptly and without any delays so that the employees do not have a problem finishing their tasks. The business model of the company was also the idea of Randal Nardone, and he ensures that each of its employees is provided with a friendly and competitive working environment where everyone is allowed to flourish and grow.

Everyone is busy trying to figure out the way to success. When there is no specific road to get to the destination, there are some factors that could increase the chances of your winning. One of the factors is seeing that you get to know what your passion is and pursue it. Alexandre Gama has been in the communication and advertisement industry since 1982, and he is still making progress in the field.

The communication and advertisement industry has gained many clients as the competition gets tougher in the economy with the flooding substitutes of everything in the market. Every investor needs to know the best firm to approach to enhance their performance in the market. For the investors of Brazil, they are fortunate to have the Neogama Company.

The Neogama Company is owned and headed by Alexandre Gama. The firm has a history of winning many premium awards shortly after it was founded. The success of Neogama is attributed to the passion and experience of Gama. A decade after joining the industry, he was crowned the best copywriter and creativity writer among his peers in the industry. Gama has also got a chance to work with international organizations, which has increased his creativity and thinking. Neogoma is among the 20 best communication and largest agencies in Brazil.

There is nothing impossible to accomplish if we put our mind to it. Through diligence and patience, Gama is now the owner of a prestige advert company. It is about time we learn to focus on the big picture and stop obsessing over small details.

These days stress seems to be ever-present, but there are ways to combat it. Mentally fit people follow a few habits that help them to stay on top of their stress levels. Focusing on one thing at a time can make big tasks much more manageable and keeps that feeling of overwhelming stress at bay. Exercise is another great way to let off some steam and to keep a clear mind. Mentally fit people also take the time to de-stress with a break and with some “me time.” They also set limits and do not take off more than they can chew. And even they need to know when to ask form help. Sometimes it is just necessary to get some outside help to get through a tough situation.

It’s possible to become addicted to stress. Our bodies are wired to deal with stress and when our bodies are faced with a stressful situation they product what is known as a “stress hormone.” This hormone is a combination of dopamine, adrenaline, and cortisol. Some people get addicted to stress because they like the way that they feel when their bodies combat their stress. A stress addict (yes, there is such a thing) may be an indication of a much deeper issues and seeing a therapist would be ideal to get to the root of the problem.

The problem with seeing a therapist is that it can be hard to fit an appointment into one’s busy schedule and many find it too expansive. Talkspace is the future of therapy and is convenient and affordable. With Talkspace, you can have a therapist at the tips of your fingers on an app on your phone. You can text your therapist and get the therapy you need from a licensed therapist on the go.

Sahm Adrangi is the ceo and the founder of the Kerrisddale Capital Management. Mr. Adrangi has been in various aspects of the company`s development since the founding of the venture in 2009. Sahm established the firm with under $ 1 million of which the business today over manages $ 150 million.

Adrangi is well known for short selling as well as publishing research on his business`s views about stock. Sahm Adrangi gives out clear views on overhyped shorts and under-followed longs that are always misunderstood with regard to the market. Kerrisdale shares the research that they have obtained to the public domain on their website and on Twitter.

Adrangi became reputable for exposing the fraud Chinese companies like China Marine Food Group, Lihua International, and China-Biotics among others in 2010 and also 2011, in the recent few years Adrangi has been focused the business efforts on various sectors of economy in which the Kerrisdale has gained more expertise. Kerrisdale has focused more on the biotechnology industry. The firm has published various researches on the development stages of the company`s goals including Sage Therapeutics, Bavarian Nordic, Pulse Bioscience, Unilife, and Zafgen among others. The company has also focused on the mining industry with an effort of making more profit out of it. Kerrisdale Companyn has published a lot of reportsregarding telecommunications field, where they share skeptical thoughts on the suggested Terrestrial Low Power Service together with webcast.

Besides publishing research topics, Adrangi takes an activist position in various investments. He was involved in Lindsay Corporation management where he maximized the firm`s cash deployment as well as capital allocation policies. After that in a span of one year Sahm Adrangi led the proxy contest with the view of replacing the board directors of the Morgans Hotel Group.

Sahm Adrangi began his financial career course in credit where he performed high-yield as well as leveraged loans and debt financings. He dealt with the role of advising the creditors committees regarding bankruptcy together with the out-of-court restructuring conditions at the Chanin Capital Partners. Later Sahm Adrangi took his time at the most successful distressed debt and hedge fund company. Sahm Adrangi has execcent educational history. He studied in the University of Yale where he graduated with the bachelors of art with economics major.

The food industry has gone through a lot of changes in the last century. From fresh, to frozen meats, all sorts of poultry products to already made simple and or scrumptious meals from freezer to table in ten minutes or less, we have it all! So where does this all come from you might wonder?. Most come from food companies who create, produce manufacture and sell food in a responsible and safe environment to us, consumers.

One particularly outstanding company is the Osi Group company, American, who made it to the top 100 food companies. They made it by delivering only top quality products and understanding the needs of businesses and consumers who are always hungry for faster, better, cheaper products to put on their tables.

Started in 1909 in Aurora, Illinois, where they are still based, and founded by Otto Kolschwsky, as a family meat market in Chicago. The Osi Group company now serves the retail and food industries all over the United States who are always looking for innovations and solutions in the food industry. The Osi Group offers products not only in meats but also in snacks, breakfast items, lunch and entrees from bacon to filet mignon, to cater just about all food related industries.

And to top this ever growing list, if you wonder where the famous 100 percent beef patties from McDonalds comes from, you guessed it : Osi Group co. Not only are they one of the tops in America but they have expanded their horizon all over the world.

One great example of their ever growing business practice, they have recently doubled up their output of poultry products in Spain, ensuring economic growth in the area and a solid future for the company as well.

Next time you are having breakfast at your favorite restaurant, give a cheer to the Osi Group, they are indeed a remarkable company.

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Since 2007 when Talk Fusion was founded, the company has been helping organizations improve their business management practices using video marketing efforts. Serving over 150 countries, the company recently launched a video chat application. The Fusion on the Go app is packed with functions and features that can be used to give a company competitive advantage over rivals. It is available for Android devices with 4.4.3 or a newer system, and on iPhone, iPod Touches and iPads with iOS 7 operating system.


Talk Fusion flagship, and the lead product is video email where Apple and Android users can send video emails directly from their devices enabling one to oversee on-location marketing campaigns. Video emails allow personalized messages to team members, customers, and vendors, a function that grabs their attention better than regular emails.


One can record or upload an older video that they wish to send through the app. There are templates for adding to the video that can even change display names and messages to tailor suit a cohesive message. The app is open for personal use among family and friends as it has a unique aspect that allows video calls among users with different devices. Learn more:


To make a call, users use a shared link that can connect from any place. The app allows one to create a name for meeting rooms that are secured and can be revisited. Emails and text messages can be used to invite people to the chat room. The app also supports international video calls on all smartphones and desktop device enabling one to share unlimited messages using 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connections.


With country based chats, picture messaging, seeing who is online and being able to invite several people to chat at once, among other feature the app resourceful. Picture qualities are clear, the app has no ads, and can archive conversations for a later date. In 2017, Talk Fusion launched Talk Fusion University, a private hub where associates can receive expert training from the company’s CEO and founder Bob Reina. Bob has a vast global following that admires his strong work ethic, marketing expertise, winning mentality, and his motivational messages that always full of energy on Talk Fusion Live Meetings platform and Facebook Live.


Talk Fusion is a premier global all-in-one Video Marketing Solution, offering outstanding, engaging and influential video to marketers to help reach out to their clients. Their products have a 30-day free trial and can be accessed via their website or through their Independent associates.


A native o Potomac, Maryland, Todd Lubar sits as the President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC, while serving as the Senior Vice President of Legendary Investments. Formerly, Todd Lubar has experience with large-scale financial and mortgage companies such as Crestar Mortgage Corporation and Legacy Financial Group. His efforts lead to the development of Maryland Legacy Financial group to withhold and process 100 million dollars in loan volumes. Previously, he held a position as the Senior Vice President of the well-known Charter Funding, an organization known for consistently helping others in need.


Todd Lubar attended and graduated the prestigious Syracuse University from 1991-1995. He received a Bachelor of Arts in the area of speech communications. More recently, Todd Lubar was interviewed by Release Fact as a candid business entrepreneur. Check out



In the interview, Todd Lubar stated his upbringings and the influence it had on becoming one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Maryland. At an early age, Lubar knew that he loved the business world and entrepreneurship in general. While other kids his age were playing with their toys, Lubar was in the streets of Washington D.C. selling lemonade in the summer and hot chocolate in the winter. In addition, he spent hours shoveling snow and mowing his neighbor’s grasses for extra money.


Those early years taught Todd Lubar a valuable lesson: the ability to always work hard and do so with dedication. A strong work-ethic is often lacking in today’s society. As such, when individuals know of this ability early, they are often at an advantage, as in the case of Todd Lubar.


Todd Lubar always had a rigor passion for the sales industry. He believes it was influential to giving him a different perspective, yet a crucial one, in the business realm. Lubar states that it has helped him provide quality service to potential buyers and inspired his employees to consistently serve their customers. Check out Yelp for more.


One of Lubar’s strengths includes passing motivation to his employees, families, and friends. He personally believes it is crucial to a successful environment. Moreover, when everyone is motivated to their limits, they tend to give their maximum output.

Dr Clay Siegall studied at the University of Maryland where he got his undergraduate degree and attained his doctorate at GWU. At his age of 57 years old, he has been the CEO, chairman, president and co-founder of Seattle Genetics. Before starting his own company in 1997, Clay Siegall worked at Bristol- Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. Clay is the director of three other companies namely; Alder Biopharmaceuticals, Ultragenyx Pharmaceuticals and Mirna Therapeutics. He is also on the directing board of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Business Alliance.

When it comes to cancer research, doctor Siegall has contributed a great deal. His company develops and commercializes therapies based on monoclonal antibodies that are used in cancer treatment. His company is one of the great in the ADC’s industry. ADCs are also known as antibody-drug conjugates are designed in such a way that their cell-killing agents target the cancer cells only and thus the healthy cells are not affected. Clay Siegall is very passionate about cancer research and has been able to develop a few drugs that could potentially change cancer treatment. He owes his success to not taking no for an answer. His determination can be seen in these four drugs that have done really well in the pharmaceutical industry.

Recently approved by the FDA, adcetris holds a lot of potentials. The drug was approved to be used on patients who do not respond to the first treatment. If the drug performs well on the research market, it could be a game changer in the oncology field. Studies on the drug are still going on, and more improvements will be made.

The drug next in line is the number 33A. The drug is used in the treatment of AML also known as acute myeloid leukemia, one of the most dreadful diagnoses. There are very few treatments for AML. This drug has had a rough patch after being halted by the FDA. This was after four patients died while receiving the treatment. Studies were however reopened after it was found out that the death of the four patients had nothing to do with the drug.

The third and fourth drug are 22E and LIV1 respectively. 22E is intended for the treatment of bladder cancer. LIV1 is used in the treatment of breast cancer. These drugs if perfected could be a better option compared to radiation and chemotherapy.

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