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Patty Rocklage is a marriage & family therapist situated in Massachusetts. For more than two decades, she has utilized her warm correspondence style to assist her customers confront life challenges with valor. The larger part of her customers incorporate couples, families and individuals who have been overpowered by life battles. Patty Rocklage is a Psychology graduate from the University of Southern California. Over the span of her practices, she has additionally involved her life in important skills such as community outreach & coaching, public speaking, teaching, and team building. These abilities have been vital in empowering her to help different couples and families to handle life issues that compromise the nature of their life.

In view of her career profile, Rocklage is an accomplished and experienced therapist. She is an expert who utilizes warm correspondence styles. After graduating in 1981, all through her journey in counseling therapy profession, Rocklage has been working with aMassachusetts Psychologist License. As a praised life mentor, Patty Rocklage is focused on giving counseling services whereby she utilizes an impartial communication method when listening to pleas from clients and giving them advice. Rocklage has served has a public speaker and team builder in various public occasions. Psychotherapists have supported her for her splendid open talking and counseling abilities and what Patty knows.

Patty Rocklage is also a member at the Sudanese Education Fund. The association focuses on stabilizing employment, financial security and education of Southern Sudanese residents living in Massachusetts. The organization guarantees the Southern Sudanese people of efficiency and development in the general public. Other than her counseling therapy profession, Rocklage appreciates investing time with her family. More so, she is enthusiastic about remodeling parts of their home. Patty and Scott at one time procured Bath Showroom and Sudbury Kitchen to revamp their home. The couple needed the kitchen to have another look. They needed the redesign organization to embrace ecologically friendly techniques when taking care of the scene of their property and Patty of Linkedin.

The tale of Rocklage and her husband (Scott) and the liberal commitment they have made towards education is a vital case of great individuals giving a portion of their life’s gaining to assist education in accomplishing its objective in making the world a better place and more information click here.

There are two common types of people that work in their careers. One of them is the one who is more about reaching out and talking to people. Then there are those who spend more time on being efficient. Each one of them have their advantages and disadvantages. The more talkative types of people are going to go out of their way to make sure that others are comfortable around them. However, they are not going to get as much done as possible because of the time they spend being sociable.

Then there are the more efficient types who get the work done and waste no time.Lori Senecal is the one who values her time and the time of her clients. Therefore, she makes sure that she is concentrating on the task of advertising for her clients. For one thing, there is a lot of work that needs to be done when it comes to advertising. Among the things that she understands that it is up to the client to make sure that the advertiser understands the type of image he wants to present to the customers.

Therefore Lori makes sure that she takes care of all of the different aspects of the advertising.Among the different factors in advertising that people need to look at in order to get it right are the places to reach the target audience. One thing that needs to be understood is that the internet has made it both easier and harder to advertise a business. One reason that it is easier is that people can be reached in more places. However, the harder part of advertising is that people are not going to be all at the same place. Now, ads have to be released on television, online, in magazines, phone books, and other sources.One thing that Lori has shown is that she is up to the challenge of making sure that the campaign is reaching every part of the target audience. On top of that, the ad has to be put together in a way that attracts the customer to the company and the products.

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Tammy Mazzocco is a very successful residential real estate agent in Central Ohio. She has a definite pattern in how she works, and she works hard to make it happen. She began her real estate adventure as a secretary to several local real estate companies for about ten years, where she learned the administrative part of the business.

In 1999, she decided that the sale end of the business held more financial opportunity, so she made the decision to join her friend Judy Gang, of the Judy Gang Team of RE/MAX in Pickerington, Ohio.

Tammy has never had regret and she is passionate about her business in real estate sales. Her outlook is such that she views her activities as a mission to help families find the perfect home in the five-county area in and around Pickering.

The real estate market in Ohio in 2016 was a very good one because jobs were plentiful and people had money to make down payments and buy houses. Then in November of that year, a housing shortage occurred. There were still lots of people wanting to purchase homes, but the shortage of available properties stopped up the flow of things.

Tammy, however, continued with her routine of showing homes and made the best of it. She said that there was nothing she could do about the economic circumstances of the matter, but what she could do is work harder and smarter to overcome the difficulties.

Tammy starts her day early with routine paperwork, answering emails, etc. Then, as soon as possible, she is on the telephone setting appointments to show homes. She is very focused on treating people well because if potential customers are treated with respect, they will want to do business with you. Many potential homebuyers are in somewhat of a vulnerable state because they are attempting to complete one of the most expensive transactions of their lives, and Tammy makes every attempt to put them at ease.

Check out Tammy Mazzocco’s Linked In page and crunchbase profile for more information.


The University of Maryland in College Park just got a big upgrade as far as its higher education priorities go.

Bruce Levenson, the one-time owner of the Atlanta Hawks, has decided to try his hand in dealing with the non-profit sector and put funds towards the Do Good Institute at the University of Maryland. In fact, he and his wife put down a total of $75 million for the initiative, while the state of Maryland itself put up an additional $20 million.

The initiative for the Do Good Institute is actually a new thing for colleges and higher education in general, because it’s main purpose is to reach those students at the undergraduate level of the university and get them involved in the world of non-profit work and volunteering. The Institute also has a mission with two facets, which involves making the campus a “Do Good” campus where every student who graduates is motivated to give back. The other facet is training other non-profit leaders for the future.

Bruce Levenson, the man behind a lot of the Do Good Institute, is originally a native of Chevy Chase, Maryland and attended Washington University in St. Louis and then the law school at American University. After law school he and his partner Ed Peskowitz founded the United Communications Group (UCG) in 1977. The group was a business information company that specialized in data analysis for health care, energy, banking, technology and telecommunications.

According to Forbes Magazine, Levenson’s biggest claim to fame was being the co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks LLC, the group that had ownership of the Atlanta Hawks basketball team and Phillips Arena, though this originally also included the Atlanta Thrashers hockey franchise.

Austinites are quite familiar with the city’s attempts to manage traffic, but as the population of the city continues to grow all efforts seem to fall short of affecting any change. Officials in Williamson County took a new approach to address this issue by bringing together the right minds at their Growth Summit to brainstorm on how to fix transportation and traffic issues in and around their suburban areas.

The summit was held at the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel and Conference Center, and the

Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, Mike Heiligenstein was in attendance. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

For Heiligenstein the answer to smooth traffic and effective transportation in the Austin area lies in looking towards the future.

According to Crunchbase, technology and its applications in the automotive industry were of particular interest to Mike Heiligenstein. This is certainly the case with ride-sharing apps that are better accommodating transportation of the growing Austin population.

With more people moving about Williamson County, Heiligenstein has noted a significant change in traffic as these cars manage to move more people about, affecting the number of vehicles on the road.

And moving further into the future, technology will do even more. The continued distribution of cars with autonomous functions and soon driveless cars will affect the function of traffic throughout the Austin area by making transportation smarter and safer.

This isn’t to say Austin hasn’t done its part to make roads safe. Mike Heiligenstein notes that many changes have been made to local infrastructure to make it more sound over the last 15 years or so, but that there still hasn’t been a concerted effort to better integrate emerging technology to reasonably accommodate the changes in population that are projected in the near future.

Some working in the tech industry seem to agree with Mike Heiligenstein, people like Jared Ficklin of ArgoDesign. Ficklin agreed that technology integration and overall innovation are just the thing the Austin area needs to prepare for tomorrow.

Small changes to often overlooked structures like parking garages could stand to benefit from seemingly minute changes that had to once account for human error by motorists.

About Mike Heiligenstein:

Mike Heiligenstein graduated from the University of Texas with a Master’s Degree in Government and Business Administration. With a profound understand of the worlds of government and business, Heiligenstein went on to become the Executive Director of the Central Texas Mobility Authority, responsible for transportation and infrastructure concerns in the region.

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies is a multifaceted enterprise. The company in as industry leader in the field of civil and criminal justice system technological solutions.


Securus Technologies serves over 3,450 agencies in the public safety, law enforcement and corrections arenas. In addition, the company provides services, products, and solutions for over 1.2 million inmates in institutions and under supervision across North America.


Over 2,300 nominations were received for this specific award. 77 business leaders judged the nominees. The vetting process included a consideration of how a company responds to problems in the customer service area. In addition, a consideration is made of a nominee’s commitment to the community, like objective of Securus Technologies to enhance public safety.


The CEO of Securus Technologies make notes that the company is committed to serve and connect agencies by providing solutions in biometric analysis, emergency response, inmate self-service, incident management, public information, investigation, communication, information management, and offender monitoring solutions. The ultimate goal of all inmate self-service, is in order to make the world a safer place for all people.


In February, 2017, Securus Technologies received the prestigious gold Stevie® Awards for Sales and Customer Service. The company received the award at a ceremony attended by over 650 executives from across the globe. This included the CEO of Securus Technologies, who accepted the award on behalf of the company. The award ceremony was held at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.


The Stevie Awards are given in seven different program areas. These include the German Stevie Awards, the Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards, the International Business Awards, the American Business Awards, the Stevie Awards for Great Employers, the Stevie Awards for Women in Business and the Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service. All of the annual Stevie Awards competitions obtain over 10,000 entries annually, from over 60 countries.



Squaw Valley Upper Mountain which is considered Placer County was struck with a heavy storm followed by massive amounts of rain. In Squaw Valley is a resort where an upgraded water system runs through. The water has been viewed by water experts to be contaminated with e coli and bacteria. The contamination appears to be restricted to only Squaw Valley. Outside of the region there has been no reports of water contamination. Experts have gone to Squaw Valley to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. Until then, visitors of Squaw Valley resort have full access to all facilities and bottled water is being brought in.

Gold Coast and Upper Valley resort have been staying on track to make sure their water levels are where they should be. The water levels provided to the public have remained as expected with no reports of contamination. Upper Valley Public Water Safety has been surveying the issue and have been very understanding. There have been no reports by Squaw Valley visitors to this point. It appears the issue has been dealt with quickly and professionally. Water may be surveyed throughout the whole district. Possibly, the water system may be evaluated for some time to come, to be sure that it is staying at the level it should be. Overall, Squaw Valley resorts like to take good care of their guests, appear professional and welcoming. It is the type of vacationing spot I would want to go to knowing that all my needs will be handled immediately and without hesitation or complaint. It seems to be upscale and honors its guests.

Racquetball is a sport that is growing in popularity across the country. Sawyer Howitt is expected to be the star to take this sport to the national stage. He was a teenage phenom who dominated at the high school level before joining The Racquet Club in Portland. There, he clearly demonstrated his talents and found success competing against stiff competition. With The Racquet Club, he continues to put his skills to the test, becoming a well-known quantity to USA Racquetball.




Karl Heideck Is A Leading Philadelphia LitigatorIt is a commonly held belief that litigation is an interchangeable term used to describe a lawsuit. Popular but unfortunate this is incorrect. While a lawsuit is indeed a part of the litigation process, litigation encompasses a much larger portion of the entire legal proceedings.

Litigation is used to describe the proceedings which take place from when a person decides to assert or defend their legal until damages are dispensed and claimed. Included under the term are the negotiations held between the plaintiff and defendant parties during the pre-trial phase, ADR or alternative dispute resolution, the actual lawsuit itself, the investigation or discovery phase, the trial, and all post-trial arrangements. This includes negotiating how the damages, if any, will be collected.

The entire litigation process can become an arduous ordeal if an individual party is not properly represented. That is often why it is the best option for parties involved in legal disputes to hire a litigator.

What is a Litigator?

A litigator would be the legal representative acting on your behalf covering the entire case. Litigators are essential for preserving the best possibility of winning an individual case as they are indispensable in evidence gathering and case preparation.

Hiring the Right Litigator

Karl Heideck of PhiladelphiaJust as important as hiring a litigator, it is essential you choose the right law professional for your case. Attorneys such as Karl Heideck of Philadelphia provide clients with the best possible chance for coming out the winning side of their legal dispute.


Karl Heideck, bringing 10 years experience within the fields of legal writing, corporate law, product liability, commercial litigation, legal research, and employment law is the ideal litigator able to provide valued service throughout the entirety of a legal procedure.

To learn more about Karl Heideck and the process of litigation visit his LinkedIn profile.

In 1991 a company called Nationwide Title Clearance, Inc. was launched, and today the company leads the field on a national basis when it comes to the sourcing and processing if documents. Eight out of the top ten retail mortgage banking and title companies use Nationwide as their source of documents for processing their business.


Located in Palm Harbor, Florida and employing over 570 well-trained and skilled employees, Nationwide is the epitome of companies in the document processing field. The keys to the success of Nationwide is the excellent hiring and training program, a continued commitment to the latest in technology and IT systems, and demand for excellence in processing and the servicing of customers.


The results speak for themselves as there is a less than 1% rejection rate of documents searched for and a compliance rate of 99.8%. Employees are well screened at the point of hire, and once they come aboard, they are entrenched in one of the best training programs in the world. Employees have available to them over 100 additional training modules that are instrumental in their advancement, and at any given time, over 75% of the workforce is involved in these extra programs.


Nationwide specializes in the tracking and procurement of lien releases, assignments, document retrieval, nationwide abstractor services, lien report verification, tax status reports, and many other significant and timely reports needed in the fast-paced mortgage industry. The company has access to every county courthouse in the United States, and even when the records are not yet digitalized, Nationwide can get the necessary information to satisfy the current need.


The high point of the effort the company strives to maintain is their excellence in compliance and the timely delivery of accurate information. In the mortgage business, if it is not accurate, it is useless and time is wasted. John Hillman, CEO of Nationwide said best in a recent podcast taken from his talk at a national industry convention. He stated that compliance is a subject that is often discussed, but little happens from that dialogue. He went on to say that companies need to set the highest objectives for themselves, and then meet those goals in a public manner, which will solve a lot of compliance issues.


Nationwide has become the beacon of the documents industry with their excellent track record and their enviable position of leadership. There is no doubt that this leadership position will continue into the future.

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