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The story of the CEO of GreenSky is both inspiring and impressive. Today, David Zalik, the CEO of GreenSky, is a billionaire. Sam Adrangi reports that Zalik is currently the CEO of the third most valuable financial technology company in the entire United States. However, GreenSky’s rise to this position has been surprisingly sudden. The company remained relatively obscure over the past ten years. However, the company catapulted itself into the spotlight by raising a total of $50 million and by reaching a market valuation of $3.6 billion. Today, Zalik is 43 years old and owns over half of GreenSky. He is a cofounder of the company.

Sam Adrangi says that a lot of the success of the company has come from targeting home remodeling contractors. The company has targeted these individuals to get them to use a mobile application. Early on, Zalik determined that these contractors are important for getting at one of the most important markets available in the United States. GreenSky targets the market of homeowners, and its sales reps are responsible for getting them to catch up on repayments on their home loans. GreenSky offers home loans to borrowers who meet certain FICO score requirements.

The reason why the GreenSky model has worked well is because GreenSky has the contractors with the app tomarket loans to the homeowners and also pay a certain percentage of the loan amount for being able to take advantage of customers being able to pay for their services. Sam Adrangi reveals that GreenSky is really a middleman and avoids a lot of the risks of making the loans.

Zalik’s company now stands to grow a great deal because the CEO plans on taking the service away from just using it for home renovations but also using it for financing on other types of purchases like the purchases of appliances or orthodontic care, for example. The sky is the limit for this growing company. It seems to Sam Adrangi that GreenSky may even replace credit cards with this unique type of financing in the coming years.

Adam Milstein is a remarkable and talented editor and writer of fairly controversial topics. The site that hosts the majority of his work, JNS, is a pro-Jewish website that features many publications by Jewish authors, Adama Milstein being one of them. While some of the articles may sound one sided Adam Milstein does an incredible job being fair with the words that he chooses, not bashing or tearing apart anyone, but also not taking the side of anyone either. He is a well balanced writing machine; one that can be successfully compared to the scales of justice, and rightly so.

One of his most recent articles has Adam Milstein going into detail about the threat that is Hamas and the negative effects that particular group has on the Jewish community. Milstein writes about how the rest of the world perceives the state of Israel in comparison to the hardship that Palestinians face and how their aggression is permissible because of their current living situation. Very rarely does anyone focus on the hardships or persecution that the Jewish community has faced, and continues to face, throughout history and in the modern day world. Adam Milstein brings this information to the forefront in this article and informs his readers on how the world truly operates; with the Jewish nation surrounded on all sides by enemies wanting to do nothing but defend itself.

Adam Milstein, for what it is worth, is a no nonsense writer who bites in deep and never lets go. His content may be too much for some but it is a necessity to bring up and write about these articles. For those who criticize his work there needs to be a time set aside for them to reflect on the words that are written in his texts. Is the way that the Jewish people are portrayed in news programs and by groups that have in the past admitted to funding terrorist operations more deserving of humanity than Israel? The answer is in fact a resounding “no”.


Fortress Investment Group has probably laid a marker about how financial organizations should conduct themselves in the competitive industry. The entity has proved to be a reliable financial entity to both the consumers and other investors with excess resources where they wanted to invest so that they can be able to earn large amounts of profits. Wes Edens has been an experienced leader who has helped the entity to expand significantly.

One of the main strategies that have been incorporated in this company is spreading the company’s investment opportunities. This strategy means that the company does not take all the investors resources in a single asset. The company spreads all the assets in different investment opportunities with the sole aim of ensuring that the entity has different investments that are generating income to the company. This increases the income that an organization can get within a short period and across the year.

However, investing in different assets has also proved to be an important investment strategy that the executive leaders of the organization had not realized, except Wes Edens. He knew that investing in different assets minimizes the losses that a company is likely to experience. Most of the companies operating in the financial industry are likely to experience extreme losses, some of which leads them to a point where they lack the necessary losses to continue with their operations.

Wes Edens knew that spreading the company assets to different investment opportunities is a risk diversification strategy. This strategy helps the companies to minimize losses. It does not only help in minimizing losses and uncertainties but also helps the organization to remain relevant and competitive in an industry that has other large organizations, some of which have large amounts of funds and professional leaders.

The strategy of spreading the resources of the company to the point where the entity has different investment opportunities has been used by Wes Edens in investing in different countries around the world. For example, Fortress Investment Group has huge investments in Jamaica, where the entity has significantly invested in energy production. According to the management of the company, Jamaica has the necessary legal framework where foreign companies can invest without challenges. Wes Edens and Brightline: The Future Looks Brighter for South Florida Commuters

According to an article posted on, Stream Energy partnered with Hope Supply C to establish Stream Cares Foundation, a charity that will help destitute people residing in Houston.

Stream Energy took this step after floods swept away the people’s homes and valuables leaving them homeless and economically paralyzed.

Steam Energy will use part of the proceeds generated from its energy sales to fund the recovery process. Into the bargain, its donations would be used to restore the financial health of people who lost their valuables and businesses.

Speaking after the announcement, Stream Energy’s management alleged that they established the charity to formalize their corporate social responsibility. The administration added that their direct marketing company has been helping the under-served community for several decades.

Stream became the first corporation to offer humanitarian aid to people who had been struck by Hurricane Harvey. The kind act positioned the direct selling company as one of the corporations that cared about the people it serves.

Critics contend that it earned more respect and loyalty from the public.

Other Charities Supported by Stream Direct Marketing Company

Besides managing its foundation, reports that Stream supports multiple not for profit organizations operating in the United States.

It funds Habitat for Humanity, an international charity that cooperates with other not for profit organizations to help the less fortunate. Habitat for Humanity works to provide safe and affordable housing in under-served communities.

Apart from Habitat for Humanity, Stream supports the International Committee of the Red Cross. Red Cross offers humanitarian aid to people affected by natural disasters and human conflicts.

Moreover, charity fights sexual violence, promotes economic development, advocates for good healthcare services, and it supports people living with disabilities. Red Cross serves the global audience of underprivileged people.

An Overview of Stream Energy

Stream is a US-based direct selling company that focuses on wireless and energy home appliances. It sells digital voice services, mobile services, deregulated electricity, and Virtual MD. The company serves its customers in Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Georgia, Dallas, and other parts of the United States. It was founded in 2005.

Despite its continued role as the source of much tech financing, the United States is quickly losing its appeal to some of the top tech talent throughout the world. According to Shervin Pishevar, one of the top venture capitalists in the world today, the United States, in general, and Silicon Valley, in particular, are quickly losing their competitive advantages as places that attract the best and the brightest. This, he says, is a result of the increasing globalization and ease of communications that make it possible for high-efficiency telecommuting and outsourcing of complex project to take place.

Shervin Pishevar says entrepreneurs can skip the $5,000-per-month apartments

One of the most serious issues that Shervin Pishevar sees taking place within the tech sector in the United States is the incredible inflation in housing prices that have occurred throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. While the Bay Area now features 700-square-foot homes that go for over $2 million, the situation is similar in other tech capitals throughout the country.

Shervin Pishevar points out that there are vastly better deals to be had, in terms of living expenses, in so many places throughout the world that it seems almost redundant to point them out. For example, an entrepreneur looking to start a company in a place like Vietnam, which has some of the most idyllic locations and great weather anywhere on the planet, might be able to rent an entire large house for just a couple hundred dollars per month. That same house in Silicon Valley might cost $40,000 per month. And the price discrepancies can actually get worse when talking about commercial office space, salaries and ongoing costs of doing business.

With discrepancies like this, it doesn’t take much for an entrepreneur building a fledgling enterprise from the ground up to choose a place like Ho Chi Minh City over San Jose. And these types of calculations are being carried out thousands of times per day now. Needless to say, the Bay Area isn’t winning much in these mental contests of where to physically locate businesses.

InnovaCare is a leading healthcare company in North America. It has grown tremendously over time to gain popularity, thanks to its innovative services and product solutions. It is well known as the provider of physician practice services and Medicare Advantage Plans.



The corporate leadership team of the company consists of Dr. Rick Shinto, Penelope Kokkinides among others. Dr. Rick Shinto is the President and Chief Executive Officer while Penelope Kokkinides is the company’s Chief Administrative Officer. This article will focus on the two executives as they have come out as the most outstanding company leaders in the healthcare today.



Dr. Rick Shinto



With a vast experience of 25 years in the industry, Dr. Shinto comes out as a reputable figure in the healthcare industry. Well, with the knowledge, expertise and experience, he plays a major role in InnovaCare as it looks to maintain its ground as a leader in the sector.



He is an operational healthcare and clinical expert with a special focus on managed care. He has worked to develop progressive as well as value-based innovative care models in an effort to improve the company’s service delivery.



Spelling out Dr. Rick Shinto work background isn’t an easy endeavor because it spans far and wide. However, the highlights of his career include working at Aveta serving as the President and Chief Executive Officer, NAMM California serving as Chief Executive Officer and Medical Pathways Management Company as COO & CMO. The list goes on and on. Check out




That aside, he publishes articles that majorly talks about healthcare. He has published several so far. He seems to be relentless in his efforts to impact people’s lives positively. Going back to where he started, he pursued a B.S. in University of California. After graduating, he followed his passion by pursuing a medical degree in the State University of New York. Afterward, he capped his education with an M.B.A from University of Redlands.



Penelope Kokkinides



She is a respected figure in InnovaCare’s leadership team. She joined the company in 2015 and since then, she has gotten even more popular owing to her managed care and government programs specialties. Check out




Just like Dr. Shinto, she brings an extensive experience and expertise having worked with Aveta Inc. as COO and Clinical Operations as Vice President. She has four degrees namely: bachelor’s degree in biological sciences and classical languages, master’s degree in social work, advanced degree in alcohol and substance and master’s degree in public health from three different universities. Armed with the strong education background, she has built a lasting legacy.



About InnovaCare



InnovaCare is a healthcare company based in New Jersey that has been in operation for over 120 years. The company is and has always been committed to provide both quality and affordable services to both patients and physicians.


Read more:



Awards tend to catch people’s attention. But sometimes an award also helps to educate people about important issues. This has been the case for many people who’ve learned about Sussex Healthcare. They’ve been receiving quite a bit of attention thanks to their Clean Care award. The Infection Prevention and Control Team awarded it to Sussex Healthcare in recognition of their outstanding achievements.

Of particular note is the emphasis placed on team effort. The reward isn’t there to recognize the achievements of any one person. It’s recognition of every single person working above and beyond expectations in order to create the best possible results. Basically, it showcases what a full community of staff and residents can do. Learn more about Sussex Healthcare at Crunchbase.

What’s just as remarkable is the timeframe. Sussex Healthcare has operated as a care home network since 1985. That’s a considerable amount of time for any organization to simply exist. But they’ve not only done so, but thrived within a very fast moving industry.

But life within the facilities is anything but hectic. It’s not somewhere people go for any one specific thing. But instead, it’s an actual community and home for elders. And Sussex Healthcare puts special emphasis on both of those concepts.

Residents receive state of the art healthcare. But they also have their emotional and social needs met as well. It’s a place where people can actually enjoy their golden years with the respect they deserve. With staff who are understanding of the special needs brought about by the aging process. And staff are equally aware of the physical concerns which often come with aging as well.

The more one looks into it the more obvious it is how wide a scope of knowledge that really is. And this is also part of what goes into creating an award winning environment. The Clean Care award puts particular attention on disease cross contamination and prevention. It’s a complex topic, but it basically involves preventing transference of illness between patients or residents.

Receiving the award also shows that they treat residents as individuals rather than a faceless group. And that means taking the time and attention to provide for all possible needs. Both in terms of helping people recover from illness and ensure people never become sick in the first place. Visit:


OSI Industries has experienced a remarkable growth ever since it was established. The organization is currently the globe’s leading value-added food supplies. The organization presently runs 65 branches within 17 nations. It has over 20,000 employees across those branches.OSI Industries comes at top 58 according to Forbes when it comes to the largest organizations that are privately owned in the United States.

OSI has been able to secure good prices for its products as well as offering the best quality of food including service. In addition to this, the company offer products that meet the demands of its clients as well as matching their culinary profiles. With technology, the company can reduce the food preparation time and ensuring the safety of the products.

For the last few years, OSI Industries has entered into joint ventures as well as acquiring some facilities across the world. The organization is in joint ventures with warehouse, processing plants, poultry processing facilities, and farms. The company is doing all these as it targets to become the first international food provider to large branded organizations in Europe, North America, and other locations in the world. OSI Industries has branches in India, China, and Australia and operates a joint venture in the Philippines called GenOSI.

Recently, OSI Industries expanded the processing of chicken capacity at one of his facilities in Spain. The company used about 17 million Euros to double the facility’s processing capacity to 24,000 tons from 12,000 tons. This expansion is aimed at meeting the increasing demand of customers within the areas who want chicken products. The facility’s management claims that they have been experiencing increasing numbers of clients coming for chicken products and they saw it fit to expand the processing capacity to cater to those needs. In addition to this, the organization feels that the numbers will keep increasing and so they have to set themselves ready for the upcoming task.

The expansions taking place within the OSI allows the organization to create exciting new products. In addition to this, the organization works toward ensuring that its operations cause no harm to the local communities as well as the environment. OSI has incorporated sustainability strategies in its operations including in its decision. For instance, the new processing plant that the Spain branch received has helped the facility to cut its electricity consumption by 20 percent. With all these improvements, OSI is set for better productivity.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has already had quite a career. He has been a member of The Orthopedic Research Society, The American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons, The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and The American Board of Orthopedic Surgeons. as you can tell, the busy doctor specializes in reconstructive joint surgeries usually concerning the knee joints, shoulders and hips.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum loves to innovate new ways for patients to get back to health with minimally invasive surgeries. For example, he believes in knee resurfacing surgery in lieu of total replacement. The resurfacing technique fits one of the chambers of the knee with a metal plate as well as smooth plastic to reduce friction. It lasts longer, reduces pain and the patient gets to keep all of the original tendons.

The innovative doctor believes in audiobooks. Time is short for the surgeon who performs more than 500 joint surgeries per year. Audiobooks allow him to absorb information during downtime like in a car or going for a walk. This allows him to keep up on the latest trends while staying informed on the cutting edge technology in his field. This hyper-productivity has helped so many patients across the country.

The competition in the business world today is increasing each day, and those doing business need to know how to survive amid it and thrive. There is no time competition will ever cease in business. However, business people need to know how they should come up with some new business strategies to succeed. Randal Nardone is a businessman who knows how to stay on top in the business field despite stiff competition. Randal knew he needed to start a food processing company and nothing could stop him from doing so. He knew there was much competition in the food industry, but he was determined to rise above it and enjoy a great reputation.

The experience Randal has on finance matters cannot be undermined. He has worked with many clients, and this has given him the financial knowledge and expertise he has achieved. Despite working with clients from his own country, he has also interacted with clients from various countries. Randal Nardone will always have positive improvements in any venture he finds. He says a competitive field is the best environment for a real entrepreneur. His massive experience on finance issues led him to start Fortress Investment Group. Since he couldn’t lose the chance, he took a great business leader called Wes Edens to start the company.

The firm has enjoyed great times with Randal since he has made all its departments grow and expand. He is the executive leader behind most of the developments you see in this company. Most clients confirm that the company has offered them exceptional financial services making it easier for them to stick by it. Randal Nardone isn’t just a business person with great expertise and skills, but a man who has consistently demonstrated these skills. Finding business leaders with outstanding financial experience like Randal isn’t obvious. Although many people have great goals in their lives, financial problems hinder them from realizing their goals.

Although Randal has deeper roots in the business world, he also has a vast legal background. He has two law degrees that include an undergraduate law degree and master’s degree in the same field. He stayed in the legal field for a while and later discovered how the legal and business fields could be interlinked. He says better results would come through this activity. Randal Nardone got into the financial sector after developing a huge interest in business and commercial matters. Since the time he helped Fortress Investment Group to acquire SoftBank, the company has always received numerous awards for its significant contribution to economic growth.

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