OSI Industries and International Expansion

OSI Industries has experienced a remarkable growth ever since it was established. The organization is currently the globe’s leading value-added food supplies. The organization presently runs 65 branches within 17 nations. It has over 20,000 employees across those branches.OSI Industries comes at top 58 according to Forbes when it comes to the largest organizations that are privately owned in the United States.

OSI has been able to secure good prices for its products as well as offering the best quality of food including service. In addition to this, the company offer products that meet the demands of its clients as well as matching their culinary profiles. With technology, the company can reduce the food preparation time and ensuring the safety of the products.

For the last few years, OSI Industries has entered into joint ventures as well as acquiring some facilities across the world. The organization is in joint ventures with warehouse, processing plants, poultry processing facilities, and farms. The company is doing all these as it targets to become the first international food provider to large branded organizations in Europe, North America, and other locations in the world. OSI Industries has branches in India, China, and Australia and operates a joint venture in the Philippines called GenOSI.

Recently, OSI Industries expanded the processing of chicken capacity at one of his facilities in Spain. The company used about 17 million Euros to double the facility’s processing capacity to 24,000 tons from 12,000 tons. This expansion is aimed at meeting the increasing demand of customers within the areas who want chicken products. The facility’s management claims that they have been experiencing increasing numbers of clients coming for chicken products and they saw it fit to expand the processing capacity to cater to those needs. In addition to this, the organization feels that the numbers will keep increasing and so they have to set themselves ready for the upcoming task.

The expansions taking place within the OSI allows the organization to create exciting new products. In addition to this, the organization works toward ensuring that its operations cause no harm to the local communities as well as the environment. OSI has incorporated sustainability strategies in its operations including in its decision. For instance, the new processing plant that the Spain branch received has helped the facility to cut its electricity consumption by 20 percent. With all these improvements, OSI is set for better productivity.

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