Notable Efforts By Aloha Construction Recognized By BBB Torch Awards

Aloha Construction is a construction company that came into existence in the year 2008. The company works hard to ensure that they give their clients top rated services. The firm understands that there is no way they can operate without their customers and hence the much effort toward their clients. Due to these efforts, the company’s performances were recognized in 2017 by the Better Business Bureau when they were named the recipient of BBB Torch Award. The award is usually given to those companies that offer exemplary services that are ethically right. There are a number of reasons why the construction company ended up receiving this lifetime award.

One of the many efforts that made Aloha Construction receive the award is the ability to have completed in helping over twenty thousand people by offering them with roofing jobs. All of this happened in 2017 and specifically in Illinois State. This is not a simple thing that can be achieved within such a short period of time, and it is worth the recognition as the panel of the judges at BBB found it fit. These jobs have assisted in ensuring that the residents of Illinois State can receive quality roofing services from the team.

The other thing that Better Business Bureau saw was the steadfast efforts by Aloha construction in putting the issues of the customers as the most critical priorities. It is essential to understand that the company offers roof inspections services for the client at no cost. This is a great way since it is able to help homeowners to know of some damages they had no idea of. With these free inspection services, the customers are able to get their roofs repaired by the companies where they have insured their rooftops way before the end of the agreed timeframe.

Aloha Construction also has also been assisting their clients with better payment plans. This happened when the company came in partnership with Synchrony Financial in 2017. The partnership is another effort to ensure that Aloha Construction is able to serve their customers even better. This also has contributed to Aloha Company receiving the BBB Torch Award.

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