Natural Ingredients, Silky-smooth Lips

Do you love lip balms or chapstick, but hate that heavy, waxy feeling on your lips? Does traditional chapstick leave your lips dryer than you started, or feeling like you need more when you just finished putting it on? eos lip balms are the solution for which you’ve been looking! eos, or Evolution of Smooth, provides long lasting moisture and nourishment to your lips in a light, refreshing balm made from natural ingredients.

Having a variety of flavors means you’ll never get bored. With many of them being certified organic by Oregon Tilth, you know the flavors will be honest, and not artificial. Unlike many flavored lip balms, EOS lip balm provides a lightly sweet taste using natural shea butter, clean carrier oils, and flavors. This results in a clean, subtle flavor. Some of the more popular flavors eos has to offer are blueberry acai, strawberry sorbet, and summer fruit. Each offers a gentle kiss of sweetness, and for a light tingle and sweet chill, glide a layer of sweet mint on your lips. For those who want a little sparkle along with their sensuous moisture, there’s eos’s shimmer lip balm.

Priced between $3.29- $5.29, eos is easily affordable and accessible from their website, or via Amazon. The lip balms are easily recognized in their distinctive, spherical shape, and can be found locally in grocery stores and drug stores. Even wholesale shopping clubs, like Sam’s club, offer variety packs at a steal. No matter your preferred flavor or shopping method, if you love lip balm, eos’s quality will ensure it will be the last brand you ever buy.

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