Michael Zomber Ancient Arms And Armor Expert


Michael Zomber is an author, filmmaker, philanthropist and collector. He’s a specialist in ancient arms and armor. He has been collecting them for over 40 years. One of the areas in which he is most knowledgeable is antique Japanese samurai swords. Zomber is an internationally recognized authority when it comes to samurai swords. He is passionate about protecting, preserving and sharing the history that’s revealed through antique weapons. He collects, cares and sells antique arms. That includes antique Japanese samurai swords. He used that expertise write the script and ensure historical accuracy for the documentary Soul of the Samurai.


The History Channel has called on Zomber to share his expertise as guest historian on a number of series. He played a significant role in the popular History Channel series Tales of the Gun. He helped to add nuance and historical information in programs like Guns of the Orient, Dueling Pistols, Million Dollar Guns, Automatic Pistols and Guns of the Famous. Zomber has owned weapons from George Washington and Simone Bolivar and recently bought the Bowie knife that an assailant used when they attempted to assassination anti-slavery revolutionary leader John Brown.


In addition to his expertise on 16th through 19th century American, European, Islamic and Japanese arms and armor, the American Civil War is a period of which Michael Zomber has extensive knowledge. He has set two of his historical novels during that period. Those novels are Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A Child of the Civil War and A Son of Kentucky. Zomber also wrote Shogun Iemitsu, Jesus and the Samurai and Park Avenue along with over a dozen screenplays. Working with Andrea his wife, he founded and runs Renascent Films LLC, as listed on the Internet Movie Database.


A Washington D.C. native, Michael Zomber has bachelor’s degrees Psychology and English Literature from the University of Illinois and a master’s from UCLA in English Literature. He currently lives just outside of Philadelphia with his wife and their two children, Christopher and Gabriella. It was Zomber’s wife Andrea that encouraged him to begin writing screenplays. Those screenplays have formed the basis of a number of his beloved novels.  Find Michael on Facebook here.

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