Matthew Autterson: Successful Businessman:

Matthew Autterson is a successful Financial Adviser. Matthew Autterson currently works for WIN Wealth Management Co. His position at WIN Wealth Management is Principal Wealth Adviser.

Matthew Autterson has a strategy and devotion to his clients. Autterson makes the best investment choices for each client so that their investments grow substantially within a short period of time. Matthew Autterson is a trusted adviser that makes certain his clients enjoy a comfortable retirement. Sensible but “cautious” investing is what will make your money grow.

*Great Devotion to Clients:

Matthew Autterson looks out for the best interest of the client. He designs portfolios that are in line with the clients expectations as well as financial goals. Matthew Autterson works out of Denver Colorado and has more than twenty years of experience within the industry.

Prior to working at WIN Wealth Management, Matthew Autterson held a Finance Manager Position at a Minnesota Financial Advisory Firm. During his tenure at the Financial Advisory Firm Autterson managed portfolios totaling over $300 Million dollars. He earned a reputation for being a “superb financial investor”.

*Education Credentials: Previous Experience:

Matthew Autterson graduated from Buena Vista University with a degree in Finance. In addition, he has attended numerous business and financial seminars as well as national business conferences. Matthew Autterson is a firm believer in both higher and continuing education.

When Matthew Autterson first started his career, he worked as as an Accountant for North Iowa Community College. The job that Mr. Autterson held in Accounting seemed to give him the drive and ambition to succeed within the financial services industry. His Accounting position at the college provided excellent experience and gave him a strong foundation within the financial management industry.

While employed by North Iowa Community College, Matthew Autterson lectured extensively on issues concerning investment strategies and general Accounting techniques and principals. Lecturing to undergraduate students really seemed to help Autterson connect quite well with the students. Matthew Autterson may have considered his position at the community the best job experience he ever had.

Finally, to say that Matthew Autterson is a successful businessman is an understatement. Autterson is not concerned with public recognition, he simply wants to do his job to the best of his ability and hopefully make a positive impact on others.


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