Market America the International Multi-level Marketing Company

Market America is a well known and worldwide spread private multi-level marketing company. Ridinger and Loren Ridinger founded it in the year 1992. Its head offices are located in Greensboro, North Carolina U.S. By the year 2016, it had a total number of 800 employees, total assets of $146.1m and generating total revenue of $79.1 m. The company uses a web domain of for its retail purposes which it obtained from the Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

Market America has a wide variety of product categories such as home and garden care, automotive care, weight management and health and nutrition. The marketing company also has services such as internet marketing services for small to medium-sized businesses and financial management.

In the year 2008 August the firm announced of its partnering plan of Market America and Imirus to help come up with MA Newsstand. MA Newstand offered both the digital and printed magazines, catalogs, journals, and books. In the year 2008 Market America purchased some shopping comparison firm known as the for an amount which remained a secret to the company. The purchased domain promoted the company to transfer its retailing domain details from to with the target to make an increase in the cash back program.

In the year 1993, the marketing company introduced its department of Isotonix dietary supplement services and included 20 more products. Its primary field of nutraceuticals comprises of 12 well planned and approved formulations by the human health consumption boards. Later in the year 2004, the company made the introduction of a transition lifestyle system weight management.

Since when the company started, it has drastically expanded its services and products to countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Mexico, Australia, United Kingdom and recently it opened a branch in Malaysia. Market America rewards its distributors with ways to earn income from services such as sales from products, commissions and any successful recruitment of new members.

This is the best company when it comes to spreading your goods or services in the world market. It is well known and trusted by many hence a reliable way to entrust the sales of your products on. 

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