Madison Street Capital Nominated For Two Prestigious M & A Awards

Madison Street Capital has the honor of having been nominated for several prestigious M & A Advisor Awards this year. The firm is in the running for M & A’s Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year Award and is also up for winning the award for International and Industrial’s Deal of the Year. The M & A awards are have taken place these past 15 years consecutively and are greatly respected in the industry of finance for their work in recognizing and rewarding lofty achievements.

The award for International and Industrial’s Deal of the Year is for arrangements brokered that total less than $100 million dollars. Madison Street Capital’s nomination for this award is in recognition of its facilitating Dowco’s acquisition of Acuna & Asociados S.A. that was led by Senior Managing Director, Karl D’Cuncha. D’Cuncha acknowledge the hard work that went into the operation, saying that it had many moving parts and that the transaction was complex and had been conducted across borders. In addition, he said that it felt great, ‘to be recognized for that achievement’.

Madison Street CEO, Charles Botchway, expressed his gratitude at having been able to assist with the buyout process for longtime client, Dowco, and to have been considered being named M & A’s Investment Banker of the Year. He said that it was an honor and that their professionals work tirelessly across time zones in order to ensure the best for the success and growth of their clients.

It is a distinction within the world of banking to receive or to be nominated for an M & A award. Financiers respect the tremendous achievement that it is to be recognized by M & A, as they highly regard excellence and are of great reputation with awarding professionals that go above and beyond in finance, facilitating deals, and with restructuring. M & A comes alongside firms and executives to celebrate their accomplishments. Winners will be announced on November 9th at the M & A Awards Gala at the New York Athletic Club.

Madison Street is a firm that competes in a global setting, providing services that include the advising of corporations in matters of fiscal responsibility, providing oversight with regard to mergers and acquisitions, the giving of financial advice, and the offering of valuation services that include and deal with issues pertaining to taxes, accounting, and with negotiation strategy. Madison Street Capital’s reputation is stellar among industry peers and clients.

With their headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, Madison Street has been in operation for over eleven years and has offices in four continents, with locations in North America, South America, Asia, and Africa. Their professionals possess extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with acquisitions and business mergers. In addition, they are skilled at providing assistance with investment banking, hedge funds, and issues related to private equity.

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