Luciana Lossio: Success as a lawyer, and Minister Equestrian Champion

Luciana Lossio graduated back in 1999 with a law degree from the University Center of Brasilia. It is in the same year that she managed to get approval to join the Bar Association of Brazil by the Superior Electoral Court Minister. She has had a successful law career, especially in the area of Law that she specialized and practiced in: Electoral Law. In addition to her first degree, she holds other three graduate degrees namely; Civil Procedure, secondly State and Constitution and most recently Legal Order and the Prosecution. She holds a membership to the Brazilian Institute of Electoral law (IBRADE).

As a lawyer, she made important clients among them governors and senior officials of the executive. In addition to her professional achievements, she also achieved various milestones being a woman. She for example made history by being the first ever female lawyer to hold the Substitute Superior Electoral Court position in 2011. She also served for a period of seven years in the Attorney General’s Office, working alongside two former general prosecutors to: Geraldo Brindeiro and Claudio Fonteles. During her tenure at the PGR, she advised some important processes with TSF and the TSE brilliantly and according to the existing legislations back then.

Luciana Lossio, in both her capacity as a lawyer and in her stint as a legal officer showed high competence and thorough knowledge of various areas of law. She showed her ability in dealing with cases and situations of a higher complexity. These qualities show how much she deserves to hold the Minister Holder Superior Electoral Court. The TSE chair ought to be occupied by a person of high value to enable the institution to function properly. These features are very important at this moment of the election eve and crisis politics when Lossio is taking over as the Minister TSE Holder.

About her Spare Time

As no one is a piece of iron, Luciana has a hobby on weekends: equestrianism. She learned how to balance her six-year-old passion with her studies and also professional career. This has earned her a number of accolades like the Brazilian Champion Amateur Jump and the Society Hipica Brasilia. She zeroed her route three times in a row with her horse, Nikita, jumping over obstacles of 1.20m in height, beating 40 men and women. She has represented Brazil abroad in various equestrian competitions. Luciana has managed to overcome many obstacles with a lot of competence and ease and now faces a long future that will help her strengthen the institutions of Brazilian Law.

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