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Jon Urbana is a man with a wide variety of interests. He likes to share those interests on his WordPress blog. The Denver, Colorado native has a multitude of interests that have followed him through Urbana’s entire life. The former Villanova lacrosse co-captain likes to post to his blog frequently. Stop by his blog and leave comments. Urbana loves reading those comments and sharing even more blog posts with all his Facebook friends and Jon’s Twitter fans.

The Coach Ted Jablowski
Many of Urbana’s closest friends know that he loves sports. He especially likes basketball. Jon Urbana shared this interesting video via his latest blog post.

Take a look at this very enchanting and awe inspiring picture of a beautiful flower on a warm Spring day. The picture focuses on one branch with flowers shaped liked stars. View the picture here.

About Tea
Jon Urbana is a great cockpit operator. The Aviation Business Gazette named Jon on a shortlist of top amateur pilots, adding him to the FAA’s Airmen Certification list. He drinks plenty of coffee while he flies to stay alert, and there is nothing better than a freshly brewed cup of tea on a cold winter morning or even in the middle of the afternoon. I’m sure that Urbana would agree. View the picture here.

Italian Traditional Dish Parmigiana with Eggplant
Jon Urbana captures the flavor of this traditional Italian dish in this wonderful picture. Check it out here.

Here is an interesting fact. Did you know that pistachios are a member of the cashew family? Well, cashews are certainly delicious. Pistachios are also one of the most flavorful foods. In this picture, a white ceramic bowl, overflows with the pistachios that settle around the bottom of the bowl on a light colored surface. Check out the picture, alongside many others taken by Urbana, in this video here.

About Jon Urbana
Jon Urbana is one man that has dedicated his life to serving the community. This is very evident in the type of life that he leads. The former lacrosse player is also a very dedicated entrepreneur. The Next Level Lacrosse Camp, Urbana’s camp for kids.

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