John Goullet Achieves Multi-Faceted Solutions

John Goullet has had a long and industry defining career in the IT staffing sector by the venerable age of 55. He is currently the Principal Executive of Diversant LLC and former owner of Info Technologies. Both companies hold numerous achievements like Diversant LLC being the largest African-American owned IT staffing firm in the United States. Also, Info Technologies was consider one of the fastest growing privately-held firms by Inc. Magazine before it merged with Diversant and John Goullet joined the Diversant Leadership Board. Goullet moved from one success to another, always pushing forward and looking forward to the needs of consultants and clients alike.

Not only does Mr. Goullet focus on moving forward with the times and innovation but he also looks for new kinds of solutions to the problems facing the IT staffing sector as a whole. One of the biggest problems facing the IT staffing sector currently is the shortage of properly educated and certified IT professionals. The universities and colleges are not fulfilling the industry demand for these professionals but Goullet saw another way to solve this problem while supporting his community too. The solution comes in the form of STAR and NOVA, two charitable organizations which focus on helping veterans in the U.S.

The focus of STAR and NOVA is on answering the call of IT staffing firms like Diversant LLC by providing fast-track education to veterans to bring them into the information technology field. In this manner, Diversant LLC gains new potential employees with all the benefits that come from having the discipline of veterans. Also, the veterans themselves get new careers with new education and a very healthy prospective income to boot. Thus the partnership between STAR, NOVA, and Diversant LLC, leads to a multi-faceted solution that addresses many problems elegantly and in a sustainable manner. This is why Diversant LLC is such a diverse business that leverages that diversity to fulfill their clients IT professional, corporate culture, and diversity needs. It is because the company attempts to maximize the amount of problems it addresses.

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