Investor Igor Cornelsen

External or rather other people’s opinion can sometimes confuse one’s decisions. According to one experienced investment advisor Igor Cornelsen, he believes in making his mind with facts than views. Born in Curitiba, Brazil on October 4th, 1947. He is an engineer from the Federal University of Panama. At the time of his admission, Parama had a very competitive protocol when it comes to admitting its students since it was an only engineering school in the entire state of Parana.

Barely two years in the engineering class, Igor decided to leave engineering for economics at the very same institution. In 1940, Igor acquired his degree and secured a job at a bank. This practice was prevalent with engineers during those days, as their ability to compute compound interest was amazing. The skill was precious in those days as computers and calculators were not widely used as it is in present days.

Due to his expertise in the investment sector, Igor ended up in Rio as an Investment Banker. He would later be promoted to be among the board of directors in 1974 at Multibanco. Where later he became the CEO. Two years after becoming the CEO, Multibanco was acquired by the bank of America hence prompting Igor Cornelsen to look for other opportunities. The first to present itself was Unibanco, a reputable Brazilian investment firm. 1985 saw inflation rate explode and therefore Igor moved to work with a London Merchant Bank by the name Libra Bank PLC. For the first time in his career, Igor’s salary was paid in US Dollars, a point that he described as one of his interesting during his career.

Igor Cornelsen began seeing the world of investment from a new perspective. This world full of investment opportunities. As his success keep on rising, Igor decided to start an investment firm whose services were similar to those of London Merchant Investment Banks. Igor holds an investment manager position in his firm. The idea of him starting an investment firm was a result of his experience in the field. Igor’s advice to the upcoming managers is to acquire information and pay less attention to participants.

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