Impact of Martin Lustgarten In Investment Banking

There is a very thin line between commercial banking and investment banking. The laws and practices that govern these institutions are very different. Investment banking acts as a financial bridge linking businesses, governments and organizations to investors who provide funds for these institutions. In most instances you will find that financial organization do not have the capacity to outsource for capital on their own volition. Investment banking will advertise and undertake to develop complicated investment transactions such as mergers and acquisitions and issuance of securities to interested individuals. In most instances commercial institutions are represented by investment banks which look out for the interest of these organizations. It would be highly improper for commercial institutions to go looking for investors this would confuse the relationship between the company, the public and investors who are backing it up.

It is common practice to find investment banks divided into divisions handling specific clientele. Since investment banking involves the raising of capital most investment bankers have specialized in various sectors of the economy such as energy. Development of investment banking has stretched to advisory section where investment banks are approached to offer financial advice on various transactions.  Investments banking also involve trading divisions which sell investments accounts and make profits or losses in accordance to the prevailing market situations.

Martin Lustgarten is a career investment banker who has been carrying out a trading and advisory firm in Miami for over a decade. He has maintained a high degree of professionalism eliminating any degree of conflict between these two divisions of investment banking. He has cultivated lucrative business connections which has enabled him to correctly interact with his clients.

He has carried out some unique transactions which have earned him clients all over the globe. He handles his clients with a lot of care and does follow ups in terms of sound financial advice that goes a long way in ensuring their financial viability.

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