How The Kabbalah Centre Helps Celebrities Cope with Troubles in Their Lives

Marilyn Monroe unbeknown to many was a Judaist in the adult part of her life. The iconic social figure had great admiration for the teachings and particularly stated that the close family concepts appealed to her the most. Marilyn was fascinated by Albert Einstein’s writings on the workings of the universe and became naturally drawn to the religion that taught those concepts, Judaism. As everybody does, Marilyn’s upbringing was lopsided, leaving her with immense emotional undoing to take care of in her adulthood. She did not identify with her family’s religion Christianity and found solace at the Kabbalah Centre and more information click here.


The Kabbalah Centre teaches on Zohar courses in its Los Angeles building. It has multi cultural teachers who understand the diverse ethnicities and guide international participants on Kabbalah ways. The ancient teachings were only originally open to males in history, as the Rabbis believed that they were equipped to handle the complexity of the information. Some of the subjects Kabbalah educates on include the Bible, the light, its relationship to religion, how to approach life, astrology and the Klippot. In this age, the Kabbalah and Zohar lessons are open to all.


Marilyn has not been the only celebrity to benefit from the ancient wisdom. Sandra Bernhard revealed that the simplified Bible knowledge helped her balance her life. Paris Hilton gained serenity from the Los Angeles Center after her split with Nick and stated that the system catered to her deepest emotional and mental troubles. However, not all participants join because of the praised wisdom found in the teachings. The late Sammy Davis stated that he was in awe of the strength that Jews have displayed over the years when in the face of adversity. As a black male in America, he felt connected to their struggle and believed he could pick up on the wisdom, tenacity and strong will and learn more about Kabbalah.


Madonna was heavily invested in learning the Kabbalah and often spoke of her passion, before renouncing it after her split from Kevine. The founder of the Hollywood Kabbalah Centre the late Rabbi Phillip Berg stated that his wish was to make accessible and comprehensible the wisdom of the bible to non-Jews. He worked closely with his wife and took solace from creating peace in people’s lives and Kabbalah’s lacrosse camp.

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