How Sussex Healthcare Nurtures a True Community

Awards tend to catch people’s attention. But sometimes an award also helps to educate people about important issues. This has been the case for many people who’ve learned about Sussex Healthcare. They’ve been receiving quite a bit of attention thanks to their Clean Care award. The Infection Prevention and Control Team awarded it to Sussex Healthcare in recognition of their outstanding achievements.

Of particular note is the emphasis placed on team effort. The reward isn’t there to recognize the achievements of any one person. It’s recognition of every single person working above and beyond expectations in order to create the best possible results. Basically, it showcases what a full community of staff and residents can do. Learn more about Sussex Healthcare at Crunchbase.

What’s just as remarkable is the timeframe. Sussex Healthcare has operated as a care home network since 1985. That’s a considerable amount of time for any organization to simply exist. But they’ve not only done so, but thrived within a very fast moving industry.

But life within the facilities is anything but hectic. It’s not somewhere people go for any one specific thing. But instead, it’s an actual community and home for elders. And Sussex Healthcare puts special emphasis on both of those concepts.

Residents receive state of the art healthcare. But they also have their emotional and social needs met as well. It’s a place where people can actually enjoy their golden years with the respect they deserve. With staff who are understanding of the special needs brought about by the aging process. And staff are equally aware of the physical concerns which often come with aging as well.

The more one looks into it the more obvious it is how wide a scope of knowledge that really is. And this is also part of what goes into creating an award winning environment. The Clean Care award puts particular attention on disease cross contamination and prevention. It’s a complex topic, but it basically involves preventing transference of illness between patients or residents.

Receiving the award also shows that they treat residents as individuals rather than a faceless group. And that means taking the time and attention to provide for all possible needs. Both in terms of helping people recover from illness and ensure people never become sick in the first place. Visit:


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