How Oncotarget has Significantly Contributed in the Fight Against Tumors

Tumors and related ailments are no longer direct deaths sentences, thanks to new technologies, medications, surgical techniques. These have been realized mainly trough oncology; the study and treatment of tumors. While making treatment decision can be overwhelming, patients are encouraged to consider their future in whatever decision they make. To overcome confusion and fears, patients are advised to cooperate with their medical experts to determine the best treatment course.

Widespread awareness about cancer and its preventive measures has helped reduce the risks that lead to the disease. Oncotarget; an open-access journal that started by focusing on oncology research has been a key player in creating awareness about tumors. While seeking to diversify its reach, Oncotarget has started accepting papers on various topics related to life science including endocrinology, neuroscience, and cardiology. It has also increased its publication frequencies to two issues in a week.

Due to its high impact factor, Oncotarget has become a favorite of cancer scientists. It focuses on the management program impact and new therapeutic protocols and agents on patient perspectives including adherence, satisfaction, and quality of life. In this way, the journal explores the evidence behind the existing and new therapies in terms of boosting outcomes and seeking to define their usage. It also factors in the ultimate acceptance and uptake by the healthcare professionals and the patients.

Oncology’s mission is to make scientific research rapidly and widely available and has no boundaries between specialties. As a free-access journal, therefore, Oncotarget was honored to publish various crucial research studies in this field. It published MET amplification in 2013 as a potential therapeutic focus in gastric cancer. In 2016, it published a study that showed that E-cigarettes destroy gum tissues. In its day-today operations, Oncotarget follows COPE conduct code for journal publishers and editors while its reviewers and authors adheres to ICJME guidelines on ethical behavior. Brief guidelines for reviewers, editors, and authors are also available on Oncotarget’s website.


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