How Jason Halpern Has Specialized in the Renovation of Historic Buildings

The real estate development is an industry that has been changing over the years, and it is highly competitive. Professionals who are in this field need to be creative for them to attain success. Jason Halpern is one of the top real estate development experts in New York, and he has worked in the industry for about three decades. His wealth of experience has enabled him to developed top-notch commercial and residential buildings that are sold or rented out. In the 1990s he established a construction firm that is known as JMH Development. Halpern is the company’s current MD, and his office is located at its headquarters in Brooklyn, New York. The projects that the firm has completed have significantly built its reputation in the region. Jason’s experience in the industry enables him to come up with new ideas that have allowed him to be successful in his career. He has been employing exclusive strategies of transforming old buildings into modern and luxurious properties. Halpern has also been ensuring the buildings that he reconstructs retain their historic features.

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The excellent real estate expertise of Jason Halpern has been motivated by his background. He was born to a family that has many industry specialists, and his father owned a construction firm that was known Halpern Enterprises. Jason joined the sector by serving as an employee of the company. His family has been running real estate ventures for the past three generation, and they have established properties in Brooklyn and New York. Halpern has been committed to modernizing old buildings across the country, and this has facilitated his success in the industry. He shows respect to communities by engaging them before transforming historic buildings.

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Jason Halpern’s construction firm renovated 184 Kent Avenue and changed it into modern apartments. The building is located in Brooklyn, New York. The National Historic Register had recognized the structure as a historic property. JMH Development acquired it and reconstructed it into 340 modern rental apartments. The company conducted the refurbishment in a creative way that maintained all its significant features. Building Brooklyn Award recognized it due to its outstanding innovation. JMH Development sought the opinion of the community before renovating 184 Kent Avenue.

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Another accomplishment of JMH Development is the establishment of Aloft South Beach. The luxurious hotel was developed by the renovation of the Motel Ankara that was a block away from the Miami Beach. The company completed the construction of the facility in 2005, and it had 235 rooms that had excellent interior designs. The Aloft South Beach has eight more stories, and some of its top features were not eliminated. The company currently has several ongoing projects, and it has been working with communities in the renovation of all historic buildings.

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