How Ara Chackerian Is Shaking Up The Healthcare Industry

Ara Chackerian is a San Francisco entrepreneur and angel investor. Among the companies he has founded over the past 17 years are BMC Diagnostics, TMS Health Partners, and PipelineRx. He invests in healthcare companies through his private investment company, ASC Capital Holdings, LLC at which he is a general partner.

At ASC Holding, Ara Chackerian focuses his investments on early-stage companies in the healthcare industry. He says that the United States healthcare system needs to be drastically overhauled, so he invests in companies that have leaders who are committed to making changes happen.


One trend in the healthcare industry that Ara Chackerian is particularly interested in is digital healthcare. This involves things like telemedicine and mobile healthcare apps. He thinks both of these could bring a lot of value to the healthcare system. For example, one idea he has focused on developing is helping depression patients communicate easier with their therapist. He also says that if depression patients could use a mobile app to track their behavior and moods, it could make understanding their symptoms a lot easier.

Ara Chackerian is a philanthropist as well. Having traveled much of the world, he says that often people from poorer areas don’t have the opportunity to succeed. He says that too many people in America, especially in the press, believe in the Great Man Theory where people are self-made successes. He says this is true for absolutely no one because nobody would be where they are today without opportunities that were given to them by others in the past.


Among the nonprofits that Ara Chackerian has founded or co-founded is the Nor Luyce Mentoring Center for Youth. This organization is based in Armenia, which is where his grandparents come from. He founded it when he saw for himself that kids ended up in orphanages where they receive little in the way of mentorship for life after the orphanage. The Nor Luyce Mentoring Center for Youth that he helped establish provides mentorship to young girls at these orphanages. They are given support so that they can successfully transition from life in the orphanage to become self-supporting adults.


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