Highest Rated Beneful Dog Food

When looking for food for your pet, you always want the best. That’s why you should choose Nestle Purinastore‘s Beneful wet and dry dog foods. Beneful has a wide variety of flavors and types of foods to feed your dog ranging from dry kibble for small dogs, to large bowls of wet meals for larger dogs to enjoy.
The top four dog foods according to Wal-Mart costumers’ popular ratings are as follows:

These foods were rated highest for their quality, taste and value. They are all rated with five stars from satisfied customers and given glowing reviews to boot.

All of Beneful’s dog foods and treats [See;] are made with all natural and real ingredients. Their main focus is not only satisfying your pet’s needs, but also satisfying your wallet’s! Pet owners confess to being jealous of their own dog’s meal. Why wouldn’t you want that for man’s best friend?

Beneful‘s Chicken Stew Wet Dog Food Meal is made with juicy, meaty chunks to give your pet plenty of much needed protein. Also made with real vegetable bits to give your dog the vitamins and minerals needed to keep him (or her) healthy.

Their Mediterranean Style Medley is not only mouth watering to look at, but also holds Lamb, tomatoes, brown rice and spinach for a wide variety of flavors guaranteed to make any pooch purr.

The Roasted Turkey Medley with corn, wild rice, peas and barley is almost too much to handle! Don’t worry, there’s a reseal-able lid to keep the meal fresh for another meal if your pet can’t handle the dense meal all at once.

Benefuls Beef and Chicken Medley‘s bark is far bigger than it’s bite! This meal will leave your pooch satisfied with it’s two meat combination and green bean side.

The Simmered Chicken Medley is the best of both worlds. It contains mostly vegetables, but also has rice and chicken strips for a flavorful, protein packed meal!

Choose Beneful and satisfy your pet’s needs today. Visit their twitter page for more info.


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