Health Screenings Are Vital For All Individuals

Many health conditions are silent conditions that people aren’t aware of until symptoms appear. These health conditions can be prevented if the proper preventive health screenings are done. Most health screenings are not performed until people have reached the age of 50. But health screenings can be done at the age of 40 if the individual’s family history suggest it is beneficial. If a person has a family history of heart disease, stroke, or pulmonary diseases, preventive screenings can help detect these conditions before they progress to the point of impacting the person’s life.Life Line Screening is a company that works nationwide in providing preventive health screenings to people. The health conditions that they check for are vitamin D, heart disease, atrial fibrillation, lung cancer, bone density, diabetes, cholesterol, liver enzymes, and many other conditions. Detecting these conditions early enough gives the person a head start on treating the condition before the condition worsens.

There are three ways they check for these conditions. The ultrasound, the finger-stick blood screening, and the EKG. The ultrasound is good to use when looking inside of an individual. It is similar to an x-ray but the ultrasound uses high frequency waves to create the images. This gives insight on organs and their conditions, the conditions of the blood vessels, and the internal tissues.Learn More.

The finger-stick blood screening is performed by sticking the finger and taking a few drops of blood. They run test on the blood and check for various conditions that can be detected in the blood. The EKG is performed by having electrodes placed strategically on the chest and the beats of the heart are recorded. If there is an abnormality detected, further testing can be done to determine the cause of the abnormality. Atrial fibrillation is a condition that an EKG can detect. Visit their official Website : Click here.


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