Hall Capital’s Strong Female Presence: Helane Morrison

Hall Capital is an asset management firm that’s located in San Francisco, California. It’s currently a thriving Bay Area financial management business that has an excellent reputation. The firm is responsible for handling assets that add up to approaching $25 billion. Kathryn Hall works as Hall Capital’s CEO (Chief Executive Officer). She is immensely proud of Hall Capital’s strong diversity. The staff at Hall Capital has a strong mix of types of educations. There are many people of both sexes working at Hall Capital as well. The Hall Capital workplace is far from restricted, limiting and homogeneous.

This investment agency was established in 1994. It assists many significant Bay Area families with their financial management requirements. The company worked with Warren Hellman, for example. Hellman was a well-known financier who passed away in December of 2011. He created Hellman & Friedman, a company that focused on private equity matters.

John Fisher is yet another noteworthy Hall Capital client. Fisher’s father is the individual who established The Gap, one of the most popular and respected clothing chains on the entire planet. Needless to say, Hall Capital‘s client base is full of some extremely well-known faces and names.

Hall Capital is a great workplace for the female sex. Helane Morrison is the firm’s managing director. Sarah Stein is the firm’s president, too. Helane Morrison has been an employee with the company for half a decade now. She previously worked with the the Securities and Exchange Commission. Before she entered the legal realm, she had a position in Florida working in newspaper reporting.

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